Saturday, 25 April 2009

First Blog

OK, I've given in. It seems that all my friends are doing it and I feel left out, so here it blog. It will be mostly about quilting, but I am sure other things will creep in at times.

This morning's plans are to firstly do some housework, then watch the Grand Prix Qualifier on TV, then get back to my current quilt project. I am trying to finish a quilt top that I started in a workshop at the Festival of Quilts last year.

Well, "them's the plans" as somebody once said, what actually happens remains to be seen.


  1. Welcome to Blogdom! I find it has become a marvellous way for distant friends and family to keep up with how we are getting on, without the constant need to send emails which people then feel obliged to respond to, etc.

    As for your "plans", hmm, I sincerely wish you more success with any plans you make than I have at Bag End! It seems here the best way to get something done is NOT to plan for it.

  2. Welcome to the world of Blogging.

    It's a great way to record what you have been doing and is a lovely way of letting friends know too.

    Congratulations for taking the plunge - I shall be popping in on a regular basis (as I do with all the other blogs I follow).

  3. Thaks Bilbo and Sewing Granny. I must say I feel almost grown-up now.

  4. Welcome to blogland Sue, I hope you have as much fun with it as I do. Once you've built up a couple of months of posts, you'll be amazed when you look back at how quickly things change, be it weather, garden or sewing projects!

  5. Hi - nice to see you here too! I do love that quilt!

  6. First a scrap quilt, now a blog, I wonder what comes next.... life membership of Leeds football club?? Youreally are living dangerously now, Sue! :)


  7. don't know if this will show up as a second post

    so you've gone over to the dark side but we'll still love you!

  8. Looking forward to updates on your projects and updates on what else you're up to as my darling DH often forgets what you've told him before he tells me!(if that makes sense).Looking forward to seeing you at the weekend.


  9. hmm, I think your comment about your DH sounds a bit familiar MickeyD. (gg)


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