Friday, 27 May 2011

I've remembered! ...

Remember my post, last Sunday? 

The one where I decided I was a fool? 

The one where I confessed that I had received these fabrics and couldn't remember what I wanted them for? 

Well, I've remembered!!!

They were for borders and bindings for these two quilts.

I am so glad I remembered what they were for before I used them for something else! Come to think of it, you're probably glad too, otherwise I'd just keep moaning about it after I used them and then remembered what I meant to do with them.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

What a coincidence! ....

.... I forgot to tell you all the most amazing thing about our holiday last month.
At the very start of the holiday we found our seats and got ourselves settled.  A couple of minutes later someone got on and sat at the table on the other side of the aisle to us. 

I saw her and nudged Mr Fixit and said "Is that 'C'?"  Now C is married to L, and L and  Mr Fixit have been friends since they were 8 years old.  C and L got married about the same time as us and we all used to go out together on a Saturday night and had some wonderful boating holidays together until they moved to Cornwall.  We never lost touch, although it was rare to see each other.  The last time was probably about 3 years ago. 

Still with me? 

Anyway I didn't have my glasses on, so Mr Fixit looked and said yes, he thought it was her.  Then I heard her speak, and that confirmed it.  Yes, she and L were on the same holiday, in the same carriage, and almost sitting next to us.

Woww, what a coincidence.  We had no idea they were going, and they didn't know we were. 

It made a great holiday even better for all four of us.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

I am a fool ...

... Why?

Well, yesterday the postie brought me a lovely package with some great fabrics in it.  My problem?  I can't remember what I planned to do with them!

I know I ordered them for a particular reason, but I'm blowed if I can remember what.  Anyone else ever do things like that?

Monday, 16 May 2011

The winner is...

 ... well, first I want to thank SewCalGal for generously sponsoring this competition.  As I said on Saturday, her site is jam-packed full of useful information about all sorts of quilty things.  She also runs online quilt shows which are always great - a fantastic source of eye-candy and inspiration.  Anyway, I expect you'd like me to stop waffling and tell you that the winner is ...

Oh no, first I'd better tell you how I found the winner.  There were only 6 entries who got every question right, so I numbered them in the order I received them and then asked Mr Fixit to choose a number between 1 and 6, and that was the winner.

So, the number he chose was number 3, and that means that Yvonne, of 100% Crea will be getting this wonderful pattern and the buttons to go with it.  Hmm I've just thought, if I don't tell her she's won, perhaps I can keep the pattern?  None of you will tell on me will you?

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Christmas Quiltalong Post 7

This is my last post for today, as it's now after 9 pm and I'm getting tired.  This is what I have been doing today in place of what I had planned.  Considering I don't usually do this sort of thing, it's not looking too bad.  Course, when I have to do things like embroidering the eyes, I might not feel quite so pleased with myself!
Thank you all for coming to my party.  I hope you've had a good time.

Christmas Quiltalong Post 7

Are you ready to switch the sewing machine off yet?  If so, go and make a coffee and then come back here for a little quiz.

This time, the prize is being donated by SewCalGal, and is this wonderful pattern, together with buttons that will just finish the quilt off wonderfully. In case any of you haven't seen her blog, it is here, and SewCalGal always has the most interesting posts where she shares her insights on all sorts of quilty topics.  She also runs online quilt shows, such as the christmas ones and there you can win great prizes.  Last year, she even gave extra chances to win to those Christmas Quiltalongers who entered, and I'm hoping she might do the same again this year.  Anyway, she has kindly sponsored this quiz, so thank you SewCalGal for doing this.

Anyway, here is today's quiz.  It's all on the subject of Christmas trees. 

It’s All About the Tree
1. Where did the Christmas tree originate?
a. America
b. Asia
c. Europe
d. Africa

2. In which century was the Christmas tree first used?
a. 16th
b. 17th
c. 18th
d. 19th

3. Which tree does not belong below?
a. Douglas Fir
b. Noble Fir
c. Scots Pine
d. Florida Pine

4. Where are most Christmas trees grown?
a. Wild Forests
b. Tropical Jungles
c. Tree Farms
d. Deserts

5. What were the first artificial Christmas trees made from?
a. Goose Feathers
b. Plastic
c. Metal
d. Chicken Feathers

6. What do most Europeans use for Christmas tree lights?
a. Incandescent Bulbs
b. LED Lights
c. Real Candles
d. Flood Lights

7. What is a tree with fake snow called?
a. Snowed
b. Flocked
c. White
d. Frosted

8. When do most Americans put up a Christmas tree?
a. Weekend After Thanksgiving
b. Second Week of November
c. Second Week of December
d. On Christmas Eve

9. When do most Europeans put up a Christmas tree?
a. Weekend After Thanksgiving
b. Second Week of November
c. Second Week of December
d. On Christmas Eve

10. What kind of origins does the Christmas tree have?
a. Christian
b. Buddhist
c. Pagan
d. Hindu

When you have the answers, email them to me.  I will leave this open until midnight GMT tomorrow and draw the winner and announce the name on Monday morning.

Christmas Quiltalong Post 6

Well, I tried.  I really did.  I tried very hard.

I failed.

What did I try?  What did I fail?

Rotary cutting, that's what.  I had my fabrics ready, my cutting mat out, my rotary cutter poised, and I made the first cut.  That's when I realised.  My back was not going to like this.  So I've put it all away again for now and I'm going to find some hand sewing to do.  I'll show you later what I'm going to work on instead.

Christmas Quiltalong Post 5

Thank you everyone for helping me decide which quilt to make.  The majority vote went to Town Square, so that is what I think I'm going to do.  I'll be back later with some pictures.

Christmas Quiltalong Post 4

As you know, I always think a little music helps get us in the mood, so here is today's offering. Tonya at Hillbilly Handworks commented that she would not be able to quilt along with us, but she could sing along, so I asked her what she would like to sing, and here, just for Tonya is the song she chose:

Christmas Quiltalong Post 3

 I can't decide which quilt to do, so Sewali suggested I post some pictures, and you can all chip in and help me decide.

So the two I really like are
this one, called Paddle Wheel
or this one, called Town Square
The fabrics I have are Maison de Garance, which has beigey/tans and dark reds and is very Christmassy.  
So, which one?

Christmas Quiltalong Post 2

I'm back now, and all my chores are done, so the rest of the day is my own.

Do you like my gingerbread man candle holder by the way?  I bought him at Christmas and think he's really cute, so today he's going to be my "mascot" for the day.

I have got a gorgeous FQ bundle of fabrics which is calling me, so I'm going to try and cut some up to make one of the quilts from Kim's book Scrap Basket Sensations.  Well I will, as soon as I've decided which quilt to make!

I'll be back soon.

Christmas Quiltalong Post 1 ...

Are you ready?  No?  Me neither!  You'd think that I would be really wouldn't you but somehow, life keeps getting in the way.  I have got some fun things planned though, so remember to keep coming back.

As usual, if you go to the Christmas Quiltalong tab at the top of my blog, I have put the Linky-thingy there.  Blogger seems to have got over its temper tantrum, so please add your name to the list there, so we can all go visiting each other during the day.  I will try to get the instructions for the next block for the Scatty Christmas Stars quilt posted as quickly as possible after you have linked (or should that be "linky-ed"?) up. 

I must go and get on with some housework-type chores now, then I have to take my father to his foot-man, then I can settle down and play for the rest of the day

Friday, 13 May 2011

Christmas Quiltalong

... well, with Blogger having been down for 48 hours, it seems to me that I need a workaround, cos I'm not confident that they've fixed it properly, as my last post has been removed, soo  .....

If you are planning to join in with the Christmas Quiltalong tomorrow, please email me (you can do it from my profile page) today, then, if Blogger trips over his own two feet again, I can still send out the posts I would be doing any way, but they will come to you as emails.  Please still take photos, and then, when everything's working properly again, we can still link up and visit each other to see what we've all been up to.

Does that make sense?

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Woohoo ...

...  Only two days to go ..... 
I hope you all know what you're going to be sewing on Saturday?  Yes?  Oh good, now could someone tell me what I'm going to do cos I don't know.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Oooh look . . .

 . . . only FOUR days until the next

I will be hosting it again this month, so get your cutters out, machines oiled, Christmas music ready and join me on Saturday for another day of fun and festive frivolity.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mother's Quilt ...

I am aware that my blog, which is, after all, called Quilt Times, has had virtually no quilting content recently, so I thought I'd show you my first ever quilt.  At the time I made this, I had had no lessons, I did it all from books or magazines, which just might explain my non-pointy points, etc.  This was made for my mother, who loved orangey-tawny-yellow colours.

As today is Mother's Day in the US, it seemed an appropriate day to show this quilt.

I must thank everyone for their get well wishes too.  I am sorry I have not replied to everyone, but typing when lying down, has proved to be impossible for me.  I am now up and about, albeit slowly, and definitely on the mend.

Monday, 2 May 2011

I may be quiet ....


... for a day or so.  I have hurt my back and the only way I can get comfortable is when I am lying flat.  It is difficult to type like that!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Do you like ...

... my little countdown gadget on the side to remind you (yes, OK, it's really to remind me) of when the next Christmas Quiltalong day is.  With that sitting there, I'll have no excuse this month for getting it wrong.
09 10