Wednesday, 25 May 2011

What a coincidence! ....

.... I forgot to tell you all the most amazing thing about our holiday last month.
At the very start of the holiday we found our seats and got ourselves settled.  A couple of minutes later someone got on and sat at the table on the other side of the aisle to us. 

I saw her and nudged Mr Fixit and said "Is that 'C'?"  Now C is married to L, and L and  Mr Fixit have been friends since they were 8 years old.  C and L got married about the same time as us and we all used to go out together on a Saturday night and had some wonderful boating holidays together until they moved to Cornwall.  We never lost touch, although it was rare to see each other.  The last time was probably about 3 years ago. 

Still with me? 

Anyway I didn't have my glasses on, so Mr Fixit looked and said yes, he thought it was her.  Then I heard her speak, and that confirmed it.  Yes, she and L were on the same holiday, in the same carriage, and almost sitting next to us.

Woww, what a coincidence.  We had no idea they were going, and they didn't know we were. 

It made a great holiday even better for all four of us.


  1. Wow that was a coincidence what are the odds of that happening!!

  2. You must have had alot to talk about. That is a nice coincidence especially after years went by. Small world?

  3. Life can be just full of wonderful surprises! How fun for all of you.

  4. What an awesome coincidence!! Good thing you like them!!

  5. It's a small world, but great icing on the cake of your holiday!

  6. Oh how wonderful... for both couples...! makes a holiday ever BETTER with friends around! :)

  7. There is no coincidences you know. :) It was meant to be. At least that's what Hunka always tells me so I'm telling you. lol

  8. Wow, great minds certainly planned alike this time.


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