Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Grand Days Out ....

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............are over.  They've all gone home. I'm sad.  I'm also very hoarse with a sore throat.  I think we may have talked too much cos we've all got the same problem.

One came from the Midlands, one from the Lakes, one from the east coast and me.  We all met at RHS Harlow Carr on Monday, and, despite not having all been together for several years, the talking started immediately.  It didn't stop for the next 48 hours, apart from when we were asleep.  

We had not made any plans, other than when and where we were meeting.  First things first, we decided to have lunch.  The menu was so wonderful none of us could decide what we wanted, so we probably horrified all the "ladies who lunch" who were enjoying a nice quiet and refined meal by ordering 4 different meals and sharing them!  There is no picture of the food - we were too busy eating it, but I can say there were no leftovers!  Then we went for a walk around the fabulous gardens.  Sadly Mrs Flummery from VegHeaven could only be with us for the one day, so we returned to the carpark, where we had the only bit of "quilty" talk or time in the day.
In the evening, Mr Fixit and Sewali's OH joined Bilbo, Sewali and I and we went out for dinner in a nearby restaurant.  Again, there are no photos, but we enjoyed our meals and there wasn't much left on our plates.

The next day was spent here, and we talked a lot, and had a demonstration from Bilbo about designing a quilting pattern.

We had a ploughmans lunch which was lovely and simple after all the rich food we had eaten.  Then everyone went home.  So now we will have to start planning our next gathering.


  1. It sound fabulous without photos! It was great that you had a chance to catch up for a grand days out - Hugs Nat

  2. You little stinkers!!! I would have loved to see more pictures of you ladies, instead I get one picture of hands and paper another of quilt blocks on bodies!! lol!!

    NEXT time - MORE pictures, people and projects!!

    Thanks for shaing, "sounds" (since I don't have pictures, I can't say "looks") like you gals had a fantastic time!!

  3. So glad you had a wonderful time !! I know time flies when your having fun!! I need to do this with some of my friends too!!

  4. That's an awful picture! What on earth have I spilled down my shirt?

    You're right, it was great, great fun, looking forward to the next one.

  5. Oh I love Harlow Carr! And Betty's! Yummy, no wonder there was nothing left! Sounds like a fabulous time was had by all!

  6. groovy new background!
    sounds like you had a wonderful time. It's sad when it's over, isn't it?
    good friends and food - nuttin better

  7. It was grand! Thanks for hosting and organising Sue!

  8. Pleased to hear you had fun! I like your comment about shocking the 'ladies what lunch' - I can just picture it, he, he!!

  9. I could hear the cackling all the way over the ocean! You ladies are just having too much fun!! Next time I'm paddling over to join you!! ha ha Take care!

  10. There's no such thing as too much fun! (But if there was, we had it!)

    Thanks for setting this up Sue. It was really great to see you all again.

  11. Oh, for sure, sounds like my kind of fun! Galfriends and food! A trio of my high school friends eat and chat and drive the server crazy cause we don't want to leave the booth. A trip like you've planned has to be the best memory maker! So glad you had a great time!

  12. I had to laugh at the picture. It doesn't seem like anyone in that group is a camera hog!

  13. How wonderful you had such a great time together. Good for all of you.

  14. It is always so fun to get together with those we share a passion with.

  15. Sounds like you had a grand time.

    Have a super great day.


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