Friday, 30 July 2010

Now, where was I? ..........

.......... oh yes, I remember, I was having a good idea wasn't I?  Would you like to know what it was?  OK, here goes.

From comments made on my giveaway post, it seems that I am NOT the only person in the world who is full of good intentions in January about starting my Christmas projects early this year, and then finding myself in December rushing to finish things.  Soooo............

Why don't we have a Christmas Quiltalong?  

What's a Christmas Quiltalong?  It's where we get out our Christmas projects and all set aside one day each month, (I thought maybe the second Saturday, would be good,) lock the doors, cook the meals in advance, tell everyone that you are not to be disturbed, and take yourself off to your sewing area, take out your Christmas projects and cut, sew, press, sew some more, press, cut .... well you get the idea.  We could then post on our blogs a couple of times in the day to say what we are doing and maybe include photos, and then we could all visit each other to see what's going on.   

I'll even design a little button for everyone to put on their blogs saying we've joined the Christmas Quiltalong.  (Finding out how to do that is what I have spent all morning doing.)

If we started this in August, just think how much we could get done before Christmas.  How about it?  Anyone going to join me? 


  1. Groan! Well it's a great idea so count me in! It just so happens that most Tuesday Quilter sew-ins are on the 2nd Saturday so it should work very nicely. As for the button - perhaps you can share the secret of how to make one!

  2. Damn, you're a smart girl, aren't you? That is a great idea - I usually get to November and think "aargh - Christmas quilt projects not done" .

  3. Hi QS!
    Great idea but I will do it on the Sunday following your Saturday (can't miss my Garage Saling :o)
    You can be my inspiration!!
    Thanks for a fantastic idea!!

  4. Funny you should come up with that-I have been thinking I would love to do a Christmas blog post once a month, but wasn't sure how to sort it! Your idea is great, tho, not sure how good a sat would be with the children off, but we shall see:)

    Love the idea,

    Blessings, Shazy x

  5. Well that sounds a brilliant idea, only problem I can see is that I'll be making a christmas present for someone who reads my blog, so I might have to be a bit vague about the project. You'll have to keep reminding me though :o).

  6. Oh I'm so glad I had that extra sleep for this one! LOL Oh go on, count me in, I haven't even worked out who's getting what yet, let alone what I'm making! (I've yet to check diary)

  7. I'm in. Good idea. I know I want to make a wreath wall hanging and a quilt for someone, and whatever else I can get done. I'll definitely be peeking at everyone else's projects for ideas.

  8. Such a fab idea but I have this nasty committment issue going on. Oh and waaaaay too many pre-Christmas things I MUST finish. Especially a certain purple coloured quilt.
    Lock me in for next year ;o)
    Ab x

  9. A Great idea not sure i will be able to do it on said saturday all the time but as a do a Christmas project one a month (at least) I am certainly up for that
    I did something like that & had to do a christmas gift 1 a week which could be any craft & of course if it was socks or potholders could do those easily so got more done some weeks so yes i am game
    Hugs Janice

  10. Saturday not a good idea when baby sitting for grandchildren is the priority! other wise a good idea - but not for me. I shall work on another day perhaps........

  11. what a great idea -
    I'm keeping my head down a the moment and don't have any specific christmas projects this year -

  12. Count me in! Sweet P(aulette) sent me over. I just posted about some Christmas fabric I received this morning on my quilt blog! I have a quilting group on the second Saturday already but I am home by 1:00 (ET) You will probably be just about winding down but I could just keep it going into the night!

  13. What a great idea and count me in. Now I just have to remind myself of the Saturday to do it. I always wait till the last minute and then panic.

  14. Starting on gifts now, that's one I'll surely have to think about.

  15. How is this for thinking ahead!?! Great idea! I am grabbing this button and joining in.

    Have a super great sewing day!

  16. You had me at with your "I don't know what to make" post. Count me in. What days will the crock pot need to make dinner?


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