Monday, 11 April 2011

You know the saying ...

... "Spring is sprung, the grass is ris,
I wonder where the birdies is"?

Well I know exactly where they were at 4 o'clock this morning.  They were all in the trees outside my bedroom window, singing their little hearts out.

Humph, yawn, zzzzzzz ...............


  1. Ohhh let them sing their pretty song...
    I know the feeling!
    The good weather here in the south is almost over.
    This is it. We had our spring!

  2. I'm wondering where the flowers is?

  3. I love listening to the birds singing in the morning. Here too they often wake us up. I'm wondering where the grass is...still snow here. We can see some yet the snow is not completely gone.

  4. They didn't get to my house until about 5:00. I love the sound, and I'm anxious for Spring to really get here. I don't get to have the windows open very oftern because of dh's allergies, so I love this time of year when it's too warm for the heat, and too cool for air conditioning. Bring on SPRING!

  5. I love baby birdies outside the window. We used to have a family of birds outside our bedroom window. They were kind enough to build the nest where we could look infrom our room. Don't worry, tey grow up very fast.

  6. Well at least it wasn't a mocking bird singing outside your window all night long like they sometimes do around here.

  7. I love the birds' singing, too, but how about foghorns whenever it's foggy over the river? Those keep me awake. Horn sounds - wait 20 seconds, horn sounds- wait 20 seconds, etc. But if you needed your sleep, even the sweet bids are noisy, I guess:)

  8. I'd prefer the birdies singing to Joanna's foghorns any day! Mind you, I sleep through anything, so I'm not serenaded until a rather more sociable hour!

  9. Sounds to me that you just got a new alarm clock that you don't have to set every night! Enjoy.

  10. I hope you got up and got crafty then...? No? Coffee to keep the eyes open for the rest of the day?
    A good excuse for an afternoon nap at least. Something I am becoming good at these days :o)
    Ab xx

  11. I totally know what you mean!! LOL!!


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