Thursday, 30 August 2012

Yippee ...

... Saturday is Lone Star day

I can't wait cos I have, at long last, finally, definitely, for certain, decided on my pieced border.  I will be hosting the day this month, so please join Jayne and I then, and I'll show you what I've decided on - unless, of course, I change my mind between now and then, which of course, won't happen - I don't think!


  1. Gee, I didn't know there was a Lone Star Day. I have one that has needed attention for a few years now but I think it is just going to stay in the storage container. The background fabric problem has not made me happy.

  2. No more changing your mind! Get 'er done!! And now I will go back to being my humble self .....

  3. looking forward to seeing your border.
    have fun

  4. Can't wait to see what you've decided on. I'll be traveling to deliver quilts to customers. Someday I'll get my star done.

  5. Oh crud! I might have to not come! BOO! You see it's my birthday on Saturday, and I wont be home most of the day.

  6. Looking forward to your big 'reveal' :}


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