Saturday, 1 September 2012

Lone Star Day, post 1

Oops, I'm late - again.  Today is Lone Star day, and it's lunch time for me and then, I'll get on with my Lone Star quilt.

If you're joining Jayne and me, please sign in on the Linky, so we can all come and visit each other.
I think I'm prevaricating again, cos I have a horrible feeling that I may not have enough red fabric.  If I haven't, then it's back to the drawing board (aka the computer) for yet another re-think.  What I will have to do is get everything out, find a tape measure, engage brain and do some calculations - wish me luck.  I'll be back later to let you all know the result.


  1. Hi Sue! I am sure glad you have things under control for this month! I was freaking out last night when I realized that today was the first Saturday of the month; I had myself convinced that I had messed things up. Whew!

  2. Better late than never at least in this case (hangs hat up showing how late I am). Hehehe


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