Saturday, 8 September 2012

Christmas QAL - post 1

Do you like my fancy dress costume?  I was going to come as Father Christmas, but then Hazel pointed out that everyone would want to sit on my knee and tell me what they want for Christmas, and that might stop me from boogie-ing along to the music so I dug out my snowman outfit instead.  Do you like it?

Anyway, dinner's defrosting, pudding is planned, housework's done and washing's on the line and now I'm ready to sew.


  1. Ha, ha, love your outfit! Snowman Sue. I'm interested in what you are making. It looks very pretty.

  2. How frighteningly organised :} You hae done SO much this morning, I haven't!

    Look forward to seeing the next pictures.

  3. You're going to get very hot in your snowman costume, Sue! And how organised are you with your chores!

    What's your project??

  4. Look forward to the next photo of all that fabric goodness - so nicely prepped and ready for stitching.

  5. Love the outfit!! Have a wonderful day sewing, we are having a cookout and it's going to rain...oh, well. We'll just move the party indoors!


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