Saturday, 10 November 2012

Christmas QAL - post 1

Happy nearly-Christmas everybody.
I can hardly believe that it's already the middle of November and there's only one more Christmas QAL day after today.  I'm afraid you're stuck with me as your hostess today, as Janet, who had originally volunteered, had to change her plans.  Anyway, if you think you can cope with coming to the UK instead of a very remote bit of Canada, then please sign in below, and then we can get this party going.


  1. Good morning, good morning! I'm ready to get into the Christmas spirit (no, not that - good grief!), and sing carols whilst I'm sewing.

    All together now with Boney M - 'Long time ago in Bet'lehem, so the holy Bible say .....'

  2. The UK sound fabulous to me! I just need to drink a mug or two or coffee and then I will be on my way.

  3. Good morning everyone! I'm here from another corner of Canada...Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. All set for Christmas sewing and quilting!

  4. Good morning everyone too! The great state of California is checking in for the Christmas party. Now where's my coffee?

  5. Good Morning! I'm here! Checking in! That was surely the fastest flight transfer I've ever experienced!

  6. Yay ready to get to work! However we are in the middle of a snow storm with 1ft of snow and more on the way..yuck


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