Saturday, 10 November 2012

Christmas QAL - post 4

There's always a quiz at Christmas isn't there?  Well, I don't want to disappoint you, so here it is:
1.   On which date is Epiphany celebrated in the traditional Western calendar?
2.   Who are the four ghosts in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol?
3.   What liqueur goes into making a 'snowball' cocktail?
4.   What is the English title of the carol written in 1818 by Austrian priest Josef Mohr originally called Stille Nacht?
5.   The Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway notably) tend to celebrate Christmas chiefly on which date?
6.   Which US state in 1907 was the last to declare Christmas a legal holiday?
7.   What is the popular name for little baked sausages wrapped in rashers of streaky bacon?
8.   Which of the Wise Men was said to have brought the gift of gold for the baby Jesus?
9. The 1954 movie White Christmas was the first to be made using what new Paramount film format?
10. Which river did George Washington cross on Christmas night in 1776 in the American Revolutionary War?
11. What changed in 1752 which caused England to have a White Christmas less frequently thereafter?
12. Traditional in Germany at Christmas, what sort of food is stollen?
13. How many gifts are given in total in the song The Twelve Days of Christmas?
14. The words "Myrrh is mine, its bitter perfume breathes of life, of gathering gloom..." come from which Christmas carol?
15. Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean is a territory of which country?
16. Which diarist noted on 25th December 1662, "(Christmas Day). Had a pleasant walk to White Hall,      where I intended to have received the communion with the family, but I have come too late..."
17.  The USA's official National Christmas Tree is in which National Park?
18.  John Callcott Horsley designed what first commercial Christmas item in 1843?
19.  Which popular poem was alternatively known as A Visit from St Nicholas?
20. What animal is Snowball in George Orwell's book Animal Farm?

There's no prize for this, it's just for fun.  If you want the answers, I will post them on the blog tomorrow.


  1. I will have to wait for the answers! My brain is too busy trying to figure out what color thread to use with my little quilt!


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