Friday, 4 October 2013

A scary drive ...

.. that was well worth it when we arrived at beautiful Lake Tahoe.  Since we couldn't go to Yosemite, on Wednesday we visited this beautiful area instead.  The drive at times was quite frightening with some twisty roads and sheer drops (on my side), and I'm very proud to say that I didn't scream once.  I'm not saying I didn't have to close my eyes and hold my breath a few times though.but the scenery was spectacular.

Once again, I forgot my hat, but this time Nancy had the answer!
The aspen trees along the way were changing colour to a wonderful bright yellow and there were some maples and Virginia creeper turning red. 
The lake was huge, and if you didn't know otherwise, you would have thought you were looking at the sea.  It was so blue, but windy, so there were lots of whitecaps too.

Of course, we managed to visit a quilt shop along the way, and what a great shop it was.
Their displays were just wonderful, and look, doesn't this quilt look familiar?  Yes, it's Lynn's Country Charmer

Sadly, at the end of the day we had to say goodbye to Nancy and Wayne as they went off to spend time with their daughter in Sacramento and we returned to the cabin.
Yesterday we left the cabin and the mountains, and visited Columbia, which is a preserved Western gold rush type town.  I think Lynn and I may have a long wait for the stagecoach,
and we may have visited another quilt shop (Bearly Quilting) on the way, where, after meeting another bear,
 I was soooo excited to see my book on sale
and I was asked to autograph a copy for the owner Nancy
Today we're off to San Francisco so I can cross the bridge, ride on a cable car and generally be a gawking tourist for the day.


  1. It sounds like you are having a wonderful trip. The sights must be beautiful at this time of the year too.

  2. Please, Your Highness...remember to wear your hat today, perhaps over your crown as the salt air may tarnish it, as I'm afraid your royal bumbershoot is traveling with your humble servant.

    Post've put a "u" in the word color'll never pass for a Californian if you keep doing that!

    Odd...the William Tell Overture just won't leave my head...or Sir Waynes either...most inconvenient!!-!!-!!!!

  3. Oh, what a spectacular day - I would have to shut my eyes on a windy road near drop-offs too, yeeeeee!

  4. LOL I have to laugh at your description of the scary road. I love seeing you with your book - is that so cool or what? Isn't Tahoe so beautiful?

  5. Oh Sue. What a wonderful trip you are having. And all these quilt shops! Did you remember to pack an orange plastic bag from a well known UK store for when you went fabric shopping?!?! 😊 J x

  6. So happy you are having a good trip, sorry the parks aren't open. How exciting to see your book in the shop. Have fun.

  7. What a great time you are having and all those memories and photos to take back home. Keep enjoying and take care.

  8. I love Lake Tahoe! I'm so glad you had a chance to visit it. I spent summers there as a child.

  9. What a wonderful adventure you're having! You're seeing all the sites I want to visit some day. Have fun on Lombard Street!

  10. Your post really made me chuckle. I went to Lake Tahoe while visiting my son a few years ago. I thought the ride up was scary but the ride back down had me terrified!

  11. I held my breath as you careened around those turns! Scenery, bears, and quilt shops...what a great time you were having!


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