Wednesday, 9 October 2013

I'm home ...

... Well it took me 27 hours to get home and then I needed a further day to start to recover from the jet-lag which is why I haven't even told you about my last day with Lovely Lynn and Mr Joe yet.

Saturday was what I think of as an All-American day.  We started by going to watch one of Lynn's grandsons playing football, (which is soccer to you lot in the US)

Then we went to see one of her grand-daughters cheer-leading at a football match (sort of like rugby to me)

 The day was finished off with a true American barbecue with smoked ribs and proper baked beans, neither of which I have tried before. The ribs were smoked by one of Lynn's sons and the beans prepared by her daughter and they were both absolutely delicious

We finished the meal with some special cupcakes

The evening was then completed by Lynn's grand-daughters giving me a very special present.  They drew the picture themselves and wrote special messages to me on it.  This is going to be framed and hung somewhere special.

All too soon it was Sunday morning and we were off to the airport so I could get on a plane and fly home. All I will say about our goodbyes is that maybe some paper hankies were needed at this point!

I have never had such a wonderful holiday, Lynn and Mr Joe were just wonderful hosts who made me feel very welcome.  We did so much together in 12 days, and hardly stopped laughing the whole time.    I do have to add though that Mr Joe is a real mischief maker who kept telling everyone it was my fault and that I started it when we were accused of anything like laughing too much!


  1. Oh that Mr. Joe...he is the instigator of all things naughty...well maybe not quite all...

  2. We all miss you Sue.....even Mr. Joe. We sure had a good time during your visit! Yes, hankies were in order for our goodbyes. I'm so glad you enjoyed your All American day.

  3. That goes for me, too, Sue. We all miss you! I so enjoyed the time I got to spend with you! I am loving my quilt that I started in your class. I took what I had to Lynn's drop-in class yesterday. Everyone really liked it! Hope you will do a return visit to California. You have a lot of friends here now and you would be welcomed back with open arms!
    Lynn's Older Sister Gail

  4. So glad to hear that your visit was a success and your flight home went according to plan. Rest up! The projects await!

  5. So glad you had a wonderful holiday and you have arrived home safely. Once all that jet lag is gone you'll be able to get back into normal and treasure those memories. It's been lovely travelling with you on your blog. Take care.

  6. So glad you arrived home safe and sound. I guess a little jet lag is to be expected. Thanks so much for sharing your stories...every day seemed like an adventure and I really enjoyed hearing about it!

  7. I'm so glad you had such a good time in the U.S. of A. THe next time you come, you'll have to visit us on the other coast.

  8. So very glad you has such a wonderful and joyous trip with some really wonderful people. What a wonderful memory! Rest up!

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

  9. Oh, it sounds like you had a wonderful day and a great visit. Glad you had a good time and are safe back home...

  10. I'm glad you've made it home safe and sound. You certainly had a jam packed vacation. Glad you enjoyed your visit to my home state.


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