Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas QAL ...

... while QuiltSue's decorating the blog ready for Christmas, we thought we'd just pop in to remind you that next weekend is the final Christmas QAL party for 2013.

We think Quilt Sue is going to be making some of our favourite biscuits.

We think there might be some music.

We think she might share some interesting snippetts about Christmas

We absolutely know there's going to be lots of eye-candy.  How do we know that last bit?  Cos she told us it's going to be the Linky party for the very easy Christmas challenge she issued at the beginning of the year.

So, if you've been working on the challenge, don't forget to get your photos taken and your blog post all ready to link next week but if you don't have a blog, just send them to us and we'll post them on here for you.  We'd love to see all your quilts, even if they're not yet finished (and there's even going to be a giveaway for the entrants).  Oh, and don't forget you can go here to get all the background information about this very easy challenge.

QuiltSue said she's putting the Linky up next Saturday, and we'll make sure she doesn't forget.  We don't think she will though, cos she's already got out the Christmas music CD's and will be decorating the house this week ready for everyone to come and join us.


  1. I think you have an elf infestation! We are awak
    e at this hour due to FREEZING temps and power outages! Its back on for now at least so I'm toasting up the bed with the blanket set on high!

  2. Looking forward to next week. For some reason I thought it was this weekend. At least I'm ready for next weekend now :s

  3. I'm ready to go! Challenge quilt is finished. Christmas music is playing, and I'll be ready with a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate.

  4. Looking forward to next weekend, so I can see what everyone has done, except me as I wouldn't even know where to start looking for mine. I'll finish it next year and have my own Xmas in July party(giggle). Take care.

  5. I'm ready, I think. In fact, the challenge may be the only part of Christmas I am ready for. Sounds like fun.

  6. I will be ready. I will! Honest! Last minute quilting, and hopefully the binding added tonight. Jx

  7. I'm another last minute-er!! In fact, perhaps I'd better go and play with some threads whilst you've reminded me...


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