Tuesday, 24 February 2015

TV Debut (and giveaway alert) for ....

... my friend Lovely Lynn.

Lynn's now starring in episode 1604 of The Quilt Show, where she talks about how she takes the fear of maths out of quilting, and shows her wonderful method of making complicated blocks by breaking them down into simple components.  In the show Ricky Tims also has a play with some components, showing how you can make different blocks using the same "bits".
By the way, you can buy Lynn's book through the Quilt Show, or through her own blog.

Lynn also talks about her strip taming device, aka a pasta dryer. Her clever husband, Mr Joe is a whizz at woodwork, and has come up with this super-duper improved version of it,

 and Lynn is offering one as a giveaway over on her blog at Sewn Wild Oaks. This link takes you to the post with the giveaway.   That same post gives you a link so you can watch Lynn's show for free. It's a fascinating show, and I urge you all to rush off and watch it, if you haven't already done so.


  1. :-) Awesome Blossom! That last post of Lynn's about the pasta dryer really made me wish for a gigglefest reunion!

  2. Thanks for the info Sue. The pasta dryer is really good and I could get hubby to make one too, but I usually use a large wooden coathanger and that should do for the moment. Take care.

  3. I managed to have a little time to watch 1 portion and part of another and I ordered myself the book for a giftie.

  4. That is awesome use of a pasta dryer!


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