Sunday, 19 July 2015

It's been ...

... a good week.  (I can hear you thinking "thank goodness for that, maybe now she'll stop moaning.)

Let's start with the en-suite.  It's finished (almost) at last and everything works. Pheww. The decorator is starting on Tuesday.

Then, last Tuesday, Scrappy and I took off to the seaside for the day.  We didn't see the sea though, but we did see lots of fabric.  This is what I bought
and they will be used to make two quilts. The jelly roll just jumped into my basket and insisted on coming home with me. Scrappy bought about four times as much fabric to also make two quilts. When we got off the train, the first thing we did was visit Costa, where we had lovely coffees and cakes, after our shopping we had yummy sandwiches at a Thornton's coffee shop, then we caught the train.  I had a 40 minute wait for a connection at Scrappy's home station, so guess what we did?  Yep, we went to Costa.

Then on Friday my friend Mrs Flum came a-visiting for the weekend.  Bilbo was supposed to be coming too, but sadly, could not make it at the last minute.  They were going to be here for the weekend.  Scrappy came for the day too on Saturday, and the three of us spent a lovely relaxing day hand-sewing and chatting, only interrupted by food at regular intervals. In the interest of total disclosure, I must admit that Mrs F actually sewed down the bindings on two quilts for me, and even buried all the ends. Thank you.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot.  Scrappy has got her own back on the challenge I gave her earlier this year, (you can read about that here) and issued a challenge to me: make a quilt with NO WHITE in it.  I can't even use a fabric with teeny weeny bits of white in the pattern.  This is not going to be easy for me.

Tomorrow I have to face the music, well all right, the scales, at fat club.  Wish me luck with that.


  1. You didn't see the sea? Are you crazy? I would take a walk on the beach before I would buy fabric. Is it legal to say that? Glad you had such a fun time.

  2. Oh, dear I'm with Sunny on the walk on the beach bit, but so glad you had a lovely day anyway. Sounds like a good weekend, but pity Bilbo couldn't make it. Now that challenge sounds interesting and one that wouldn't phase me too much as my friend Joy often commented that I rarely seem to use white or solids. Thinking of your book, I don't remember lots of white in that. Hope to see posts about it too. Have a good week and take care.

  3. A quilt with no white? That is a challenge! Renos are the worse, hope yours is finished soon.

  4. I am sure the challenge will be no problem to you, a good day out was it Scarborough you went I wonder have yet to visit there but I will go by bus when I finally make the trip., You and Scrapy were missed on saturday but good girls you were stitching so will excuse you!


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