Friday, 9 October 2015

If at first ...

... you don't succeed, keep trying. And that's just what I've been doing as you can see from my waste basket and pile of "stuff" next to it. I've had to stop now cos my sewing machine is refusing to work. I did think to check that it's plugged in and switched on, and it is, so it's just gone on strike. I'm hoping it's only going to be a short strike and it'll work again tomorrow.

Moving on to something else, do you remember our apple harvest from last year?

Well this year it's  a bit better, look.


  1. If you have an auto bobbin rewind, make sure it's not engaged. I had the same thing happen once, took it into the repair shop, only to have the guy show me the switch was on. Duh!!

  2. Looks like a yummy apple harvest! Hope your machine wants to work tomorrow.

  3. Even if the machine is on strike, the apple tree certainly isn't. Hope it's fixed by the time you read this. BTW, what were you doing with so much in that waste basket? Take care.

  4. We are waiting for apples here. You need a back up machine for these little glitches.

  5. That's a beautiful bowl of apples. I bet they smell wonderful. Hoping your sewing machine revs up again.

  6. Your machine is kind of like us as we get older. Maybe we will work tomorrow.


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