Thursday, 28 July 2016

It's Wonky ....

... "What? QuiltSue's made a quilt that's wonky, and scrappy? What ever is happening to her?" I hear you ask?

I blame Scrappy. She's obviously a bad influence on me.

I first got the idea from my friend Vicki who showed a table runner on her blog, here. and she got the idea from her friend Jayne, who has a tutorial on her blog, here. I love the effect and can definitely more wonkiness is going to creep into my life in the future.


  1. Gorgeous!!! Your colors are beautiful! Fresh, crisp and totally wonky! I am so happy to see my Wonky Tutorial being used in such a beautiful quilt!

  2. It is just beautiful!!! Your colors are perfect and the quilting is spot on with this :-)
    Now you done it Sue, I want to make another, LOL

  3. Lovely and you are certainly embracing the modern. Take care.

  4. it looks great Sue, I am a wonky believer made 3 wonky quilts mind you I make them wonky to hide errors.Hoping my stitching mojo will come back soon seem to have lost all interest though still enjoy seeing what others are up to

  5. Your quilt is wonderful! Thanks for the source!

  6. Great colors. I think it was a good way to showcase some gorgeous prints.


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