Monday, 18 July 2016

Sneak peeks ....

.... I imagine that you (if you are still out there?) have decided that I must have given up quilting all together. Well, to be honest, I haven't at all, but what I have been doing is making secret stuff, mainly for gifts for some good friends. So, just to prove it, here is a photo of 3 gifts:
Well, come on, you didn't seriously think I'd show you the whole thing(s) before they've been given, did you?

Starting in October,the Yorkshire Modern Quilt Group is running a BOM, with various members designing a block. I volunteered to do Block 1, so I have now made it and written the instructions, so it's all ready to go, look:

In addition to all this, I've made a small wonky quilt which is just waiting for me to sew the binding down, so here's a bit of that:

And finally (yes, I know, don't start a sentence with a preposition, or a conjunction, but gimmee  a break, it's hot and humid here today, so brains don't work too well) I don't think I've ever shown you this mini quilt I finished a few weeks ago:


  1. Oh dear! What sort of secretive stuff is she up to now, that One who calls Me "Naughty"!

  2. Glad to see that you haven't been bored!!! ;-)

  3. You have been busy designing & sewing, but just not blogging like you did. Glad to see what you are up to. Take care.

  4. Sue I love your wonky!!! Gorgeous fabrics. Glad to know you are still quilting, I was gettin' worried! Can't wait to see the whole secret projects ;-)

  5. You have been too busy to share what you have been making. Love your mini.

  6. you have been busy Sue , loving the mini quilt and into wonkyness myself very nice

  7. You truly have been your mini


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