Sunday, 13 December 2009

I'm still here ..............

....... even if I have been a bit quiet.

Last week I had the swine flu jab, and that gave me the most awful headache which completely knocked me out for about 3 days.  I think I'm OK now though.

This morning I decided I needed to have a "paperwork" day.  I have now done all those horrid official chores like filling in and filing my tax return which is due by 31December at the latest.  Phew, made it!  I also had some insurance paperwork to deal with, and various other bits of "official" paper that needed my attention.  I did it.  All done.

Yesterday afternoon  I decided to just piece the backing for the One Day Wonder, then the sewing machine would be put away till after Christmas and the conservatory reclaimed as a room, not a sewing area.  Good idea?  Nope.  I cut the backing, and cut it in half as I was going to insert a strip of the coins in the middle.  I made the stripey strip, started to sew it to one side and realised it wasn't long enough.  In my usual stupid way, I didn't think to check why, just added more coins so it was long enough, and finished sewing it all together.  Pressed it.  Ta-dah, all ready for quilting.  Went to fold it up with the top and realised something was wrong.  Why was the top wider than the backing?  That's when I realised I had sewn the wrong edge of the backing to the strip!  So I then had to cut more backing and put a piece down either side.  I could have undone it all I guess, but I was so annoyed with myself I didn't think of that until it was too late.

About 5.30 this morning I had a thought.  You know my sister's quilt has been finished for quite a while?  I even bought a box to post it in.  Perhaps it would help if I put the quilt in the box and posted it?  Duh!

Traditionally in our house we don't put the Christmas decs up till the last weekend before The Day but today  I decided I need the cheering-upness they can give.  I don't think I told you that I bought another small fibreoptic tree last week?  We have a small one in the bay window in the lounge, but I have taken a dislike to it.  It was a multi-coloured one, and I prefer a one colour version.  I also bought a red tinsel pop-up tree to go on the dining room table.  That is definitely not "me! at all.  Mr Fix-It has not been well lately, so I haven't asked him to go up in the loft to get the lights etc down, so the big tree isn't up yet - that will happen hopefully one day this week.

Tomorrow I am going to Mrs PennyPot's for our version of a Christmas party, ie some sewing, some chat and some food.  Should be good.


  1. Wish I could go with you!! Take your camera as it's the next best thing! ;o)

  2. I LOVE the red tree, it looks fantastic!
    Well done on getting all of that paperwork completed. It'll be a relief to have it out of the way over the festive season.
    Gotta love booboos. I had taped my baking to the floor and then decided I'd better measure the batting - too small! We all have those days :o)
    Ab xx

  3. So glad to see your post. I was starting to wonder if everything was ok with you! It's wonderful to get all that paperwork stuff out of the way, even though it is such a pain.
    I have sewed the wrong sides of fabrics together many would think I would learn. But I think I just get into a sewing groove and forget to check that kind of thing. It really ticks me off every time tho'! :) Happy Christmas to you!

  4. That red tree is much nicer than you said, I think it's rather cute!

    Well done for getting all your paperwork done, we'll stick with the online filing, knowing Management and his accountant, probably on 30th January {grin}

  5. I have a bunch of paperwork type things to do too ... I've been putting it off. Great job on getting yours done - I know you feel much better for getting it out of the way!

  6. Congrats on getting the dreaded TR filed! AND before the deadline! I have a whole pile of filing to do, a spare room to clear, decs to get down from loft, Oh the list is just endless, I much prefer sewing! LOL as for your sewing dilema - Doh! springs to mind. I hope you've made it to the post office with your sisters box! Glad you're feeling better too, Have a great day with Mrs Penny Pot :-)

  7. I would have done what you did on the One Day Wonder backing. Ripping out stitching is one of my least favorite things to do.

    I hope you're cheering up a bit.

  8. Sorry you have been sick....and at this busy time of year. Glad you are better. I too like the red tree. I have put many an unfinished project away because I had to rip out stitches...not fun. Merry Christmas.


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