Thursday, 3 December 2009

During November .....

....... apparently it rained every day, and it has also rained each day in December so far, so what are we doing?  Having our back garden completely re-landscaped.  Of course we are, that's logical isn't it?  Unfortunately for the gardeners, our garden is on solid clay, so they are slip-sliding around in a positive quagmire.  So this is what it looked like yesterday morning:

YUKK!  Can you imagine just how squelchy that is to walk on?


  1. OH yuck! I do not like mud. It's been mostly raining here too. I wish it would get cold enough to freeze the ground. I get so tired of wiping dog paws....I hope the workmen don't have to come into your house for anything, if they do, make them wipe their paws!

  2. Well, I didn't like to say anything - not wanting to rain on your parade (ouch!!!!), as you're not worried about soil structure and compaction and all that sort of gardenying stuff, it would have been churlish!

    BTW, did you know the ho-ho-ho wallpapery stuff overlaps much of your words & pictures? Can't have your lovely quilts obscured {smile}

  3. When you have clay in your garden, compaction is pretty academic LOL! We could start our own pottery here. The only way to get plants to grow well is to make raised beds. If you dig a hole and plant something in nice soil it just becomes a boggy bit when it rains like it has been doing of late. Still, Bilbo knows all about rain, are you still sodden up there Bilbo. Every time I look at the forecast it seems to say heavy rain over Cumbria!

  4. And that, dear Sewali, is because at present it always *is* raining here. Apparently it rained every day in November . . . sigh

    Rained so much Wednesday night that the river level rose 12". Still too high for divers to examine footings of our bridge

    Word ver: extrubby - ???

  5. Can you send some of that rain our way? We're in a bit of a drought.

    Won't it be wonderful this spring when you look out on your new yard? That will be a reason to get up in the morning.

  6. At least you have the ingredients for mud pies!
    I hope those gardeners don't wander in and create a big mess. Chase them around with your rotary cutter if they do.... :)
    Ab x

  7. Wonderful. They have my sympathy

    I remember being in college doing a Horticultural course and having to move tons of soil in the rain. That was clay and I ended up 6inches taller at the end of the day as so much had stuck to the bottom of my boots.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx


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