Tuesday, 15 December 2009

What's the silliest .........

..........mistake you've made in your "quilty" life?

I started thinking about this after I read the comments when I wrote about my stupidity with the backing for One Day Wonder.  Go on, I dare you all to 'fess up here.


  1. Well, I have too many to list. But one that haunts me to this day. I used to go to a LQS "stitch-all-days". They were on Saturdays and you stayed from 9am-5pm and sewed. There was a regular group of us. One day, I was setting up my machine and one of the other girls was under the tables plugging stuff in. She said, "Diane, I fixed your foot pedal; it was upside down". Now I should have just said "oh Thanks.". But no I had to look and say, "No that's not right it goes the other way."
    DUH. I had been sewing with the nice big flat part towards the floor and the little resting thing facing up and I was pushing on that to work my machine. Well, after 2 seconds of looking at it..there is actually a little diagram embossed in it to show you how it goes. (Go figure, I never follow directions that close!!) I agreed that I had it wrong....So we all had a good laugh, and it continues to this day. If I'm setting up my machine and any of those women who were there on that fateful day are in the room too. I get 'reminded' on which way is up on my foot pedal!

  2. Comment boxes don't have THAT much room {pfnar, pfnar}.

    Maybe not the silliest, but a lesson it took me a while to learn was that if I did one row of a panto pattern on one of my quilts and didn't care for it, then doing three rows was not going to make it look better, just triple the amount of time it would take to unpick it - sigh!

  3. The silliest? I am sure that I have made every mistake that can be made. However, I have driven all of those out of my pretty, little mind.

  4. Yep, like everyone else, I don't think there'd be enough room!
    Latest that stands out was buying enough of a lovely fabric for a border without joins. Measuring, measuring again and then cutting. Then realising I'd cut the borders all the same length, not allowing for the added width of the side borders.
    Joins where there didn't even need bloody joins!!!
    So silly.......

  5. My mess up was with a backing too. Someone sent a quilt with backing that was going to be donated -- it had a direction back and a directional front and when I went to load the quilt the backing wasn't long enough (I had everything laid out in the right direction).

    After adding to the back to make it long enough I went back to the longarm and promptly loaded it the wrong way, and didn't realize until I was halfway done quilting.

    I did NOT pick the quilting out but did apologize for my mistake!


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