Monday, 7 June 2010

Does any one else do this? ...............

Way, way back in the dim and distant past, well January actually, I ordered 5 patio clematis plants to put in pots in our new garden. 
All well and good, but January was a long time ago.  In other words, yes, I forgot I had ordered them.
Imagine my surprise then when the post office van pulled up on our drive this morning before 8.30 and in his hand he had a box. 
I wasn't expecting anything, so that was exciting. 
You've all guessed what was in that box haven't you? 
Yes, 5 baby clematis (clematii?). 
Oh heck, what was I planning to do with those? 
Oh yes, put them in pots. 
Which pots?
Aah yes, those pots - the ones I planted summer flowering plants in over the weekend. 
Guess where I went this morning then?  Off to the garden centre, to buy some more pots.
Does anyone else do things like this?
Last Thursday was my sister's birthday, and Friday was Mr QuiltFan's (aka my father's) birthday.  Happy birthday to both of you. 


  1. Of course - everyone does this! Don't then put the pots somewhere you will forget to water them until the plants are in the ground ...

    BTW, great new photo, very smart!

  2. Yes, I have done this.You were good and right out to get them new pots. Sad to say, I didn't get some of the plants in the ground quickly enough and they didn't survive.

  3. Love your new profile photo by the way. It must have been a nice surprise when you ordered something and it comes 5 months later ha! Hugs Nat

  4. Oh I do this every year! LOL Love the new look to the blog and the new you!

  5. Oh, yes. Sounds exactly like something I would do.

    Happy birthday to Sister and QuiltFan!

    Love your new blog layout, and your new picture! They look lovely!

  6. yep I've done the same
    one love your new look! very stylin'

  7. what a nice surprise to have something you totaly forgot about to suddenly apear!!! bet they will look just beautiful in thier new pots!!!

  8. Wait...I was going to write something. Now what was it about? Oh yes... We all do that from time to time. I don't like to blame it on my age tho. I just say I have so much knowledge in my head now that there just isn't room for more stuff! Love the new elegante.

  9. In a word; yes.
    I do things like that all the time!
    enjoy them!

  10. Oh Sue! What a hoot, what a story. Surely this never happens over here. I mean, right? hee!

  11. thats another classic it must be that women's minds are so full of here and now plus all the other things what you have to rem for hubbies,children etc,that it is hard to rem yesterday never mind Jan lol just popped over from stitches I glad I did keep up the lovely work and laughes ttfn Nicole (UK)


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