Saturday, 19 February 2011

It's the last day ...

... of the Scrap-Basket Sensations blog tour.  Today's stop is at Brown Quilts where Carol seems to have the same problem as me, in other words, "which one shall I make?"  Leave a comment on Carol's post for the final chance to win one of the autographed copies of the book. 

You also still have a chance to win if you hurry over to Karen's blog and leave a comment here, and can also still enter on my blog by leaving a comment on my post yesterday.

I hope you've all enjoyed the tour as much as I have, and I want to thank Kim for making it possible.


  1. Was a fabulous blog tour :) thanks for all the reminders and pointers Sue :) Now which pattern is on my mind for today? lol

  2. The tour has been which quilt to make?!

  3. Now I just have the problem of deciding on which quilt to start with first!


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