Thursday, 1 September 2011

Day 10 of Pick Four blog hop

There's something wrong with the dates on my blog.  So today really is Friday 2 September, not Thursday.  Maybe Blogger was enjoying our tour so much he didn't want it to end?  

Sadly it is the last day of our tour today. We are off to Yorkshire to visit QuiltHaze, and she has the last copy of Pick Four to give away.
QuiltHaze is a very talented quilt artist, and I'm sure you will enjoy meeting her and seeing some of her work.  She is also about to embark on a new venture as a quilt teacher, and I would like to wish her luck in that - I know she'll be fabulous.

Now, while we take the last journey of our trip, I'd like to tell you something about Yorkshire.
  • Famous novelists such as J B Priestley, Alan Bennett and Barbara Taylor Bradford all come from Yorkshire. 
  • James Herriot wrote about his experiences as a Yorkshire vet, in  All Creatures Great and Small, which later became a very popular TV series.  In the books, he was based in Darrowby, which is actually the town of Thirsk.
  • Two well known sculptors, Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth and the painter David Hockney all came from this area.
  • Yorkshire is famed as the home of the brass band, one of the most noteable being the Black Dyke Brass Band.
  • Yorkshire pudding is probably the best known Yorkshire food.  It is usually eaten with roast beef and vegetables as part of the traditional Sunday roast dinner.
I'd just like to finish by showing our tour itinerary again, so that you can revisit any of our previous hosts and don't forget that some of them still have the giveaway open.
I'm sure you'd like to join me in thanking Little Person for being such a great driver on this last leg of our journey. Thank you so much for choosing to travel with me, I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I did.  


  1. YEAH!!!!! I'm coming home!!!! Can't wait. When we were kids Sue, we use to have our Yorkshire pudding first with gravy, then we had our main meal after, that tradition seems to have gone now. Thanks for the fun giveaway I have enjoyed the trip and thank you to Little Person for keeping us all safe. I am off to visit my family and friends (oh if only). Hugs

  2. Thank you!
    This has been such fun and I have especially enjoyed your little snippets of information about each destination!

  3. Sue, I wanted to stop in and tell you I had fun blog hopping with your book. I loved reading all your little bits of information about each stop on the tour. From what I have seen your book looks like a winner. Congratulations!!

  4. Hi Sue! If I don't win a copy of your book, it's at the top of my list of purchases. I've seen enough of the quilts made up on this blog tour, that I'm convinced I need to make a few myself!
    Great tour!

  5. This has been such a fun blog hop Sue. Thanks for the world tour :-)

  6. Well.....I'm so sorry the blog hop is over. I loved the travel log so very much.Your book ...what can I say it looks wonderful. I will buy myself one if I don't win. Thanks for all the hard work doing the book and planning the hop I have really enjoyed it.

  7. What a great trip! Make sure you tip the driver for us all :)

  8. Enjoyed the book blog tour! Thanks for the chance to learn so much about your quilts in the book.

  9. Oh me oh my! I'm so proud I knew the facts about the James Herriot books, there is a museum in the building known in the books as Skeldale House where they lived and worked for so many years. When I learned about the museum earlier this summer I thought of you.

    Sad to be ending our journey together, we've been so many places, this has sure been a great adventure.

    Many congrats again on this great accomplishment Sue.

  10. I enjoyed the book blog hop and am sorry to see it end. I've traveled a lot of miles....learned a lot and have my fingers crossed to win an autographed copy of 'Pick Four'....if I am an unlucky one.....I will definitely be purchasing your book. Thank you Sue for all your hard work and sharing your knowledge with has been fun!!

  11. I just caught up with the book tour - was worried I missed out on this one. Love all the blog hopping, great reviews, wonderful projects, and lots of success with your NEW book.

  12. I just wanted to tell you how much this blog tour has made me want your book. I am hoping to win one, but if not, I plan to buy it. It looks great.

  13. I have very much enjoyed the tour. Thanks for the fun facts each day. I enjoyed myself!


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