Thursday, 11 April 2013

Bloglovin vs Feedly - part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I told you I couldn't decide if I wanted to use Bloglovin or Feedly to help me keep up with what everyone's up to out there in the big wide bloggyworld, so I said I was going to run with both of them for a while and then make a decision.

I have decided.  I have found that for me, Bloglovin is more convenient for various reasons and here are my conclusions:

  •  It was very easy to transfer the information from Google Reader, but I did lose the groups I had things sorted into although it was very easy to put things back into the groups I had used before
  • I liked that I could click on a post and comment on it from within Bloglovin, rather than having to go to the actual blog to leave a comment
  • When I had read a post it was greyed out, which made it very easy to see my list and see what I had/had not read
  • It was easy to mark an individual post or a complete blog as read
  • I found the whole site easy to navigate
  • I love the option to have a daily email showing the new posts

  • It was easy to transfer the information and it kept the groups
  • I did not find the site so easy to navigate, although once I worked it out I liked the layout options
So there you have it.  I promised several people that I would post my thoughts (only about these 2 sites, nothing else!)   Now for the small print:  These are only my thoughts and conclusions, someone else might think completely differently about the whole subject.

So, having made my decision, I have now put one of Bloglovin's cute little buttons at the top of my sidebar to make it really easy for anyone who wants to, to follow me this way.  It looks like this,
and all you have to do is click on it,  so go on, you know you want to!

There has also been some confusion about whether you will loose your blog if you don't sign up to one of these readers.  As far as I know, that won't happen, although I am now seeing vague suggestions that our follower lists might disappear, which is why I have put this button on the blog.  I am not sure if my followers will disappear into thin air or not, but I would hate to lose someone, so I thought this might help.


  1. Thanks, Sue, I haven't made any kind of a change. I read all my blogs through the dashboard and still continue to get my blog whenever I open the dashboard. I am hoping I can continue with this method 'cause it seems to work for me! But if I have to change, I appreciate your notes!

  2. I follow you with Bloglovin and I do like the simplicity I do have one issue. When you see who is following you and you click on their name it doesn't show their blog but does show who all they are following. I want to visit my followers if they blog! Had you noticed this? You have your web address under your name as I do so that helps...but most do not.

  3. The only thing I don't like about Bloglovin is that blogs tend to drop off if you don't view them or "mark as read" religiously. If I want to stop viewing a blog I want it to be at MY discretion, not Bloglovin's!

  4. Thanks for the review. I haven't made any decisions about switching. I'm procrastinating.

  5. I like Bloglovin', too! It was a somewhat seamless transition.

  6. Thanks for the info. I'm with Lynn, I still trying to decide what to do. I appreciate you letting us know some details.

  7. Sue - thanks for changing your comment box to a pop-up to try and see if this work better for no-blogging people like me

  8. I'm finding all this very confusing, being so new to blogging. With your help I'v now got my favourite blogs and now labels. I don't want to change, just for changes sake.

  9. I debated checking out feedly but I'm not a big fan of change so bloglovin is where I am staying lol. Thanx for the comparison; wasn't sure If I had chose the right one ;)

  10. Minds and computers work so differently for different people. I found feedly does everything for me that you got Bloglovin to do for you. Bloglovin stays on my blog but I go to feedly for reading.

  11. I decided to go with Bloglovin' after I discovered that if I tune into the daily e-mail there is a "next" button which makes it pretty easy to read the posts in the order they were posted. Not as easy as Google Reader, but not too bad.

  12. Sorry I've been AWOL :{ Busy here (in a good way) and not much time or inclination to use the PC at the end of the day.

    Bloglovin now preserves 'groups' if you do a bulk import from Google Reader.


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