Saturday, 8 June 2013

Woohoo ...

... it's Christmas.

Well no, it's not really, but it's the next best thing cos today sees the start of the 2013 Christmas Quiltalong and Challenge.

Between now and December, the 2nd weekend of each month will be party weekends either at Jolly Jo's or Happy Haze's.  These two wonderful people will be taking it in turns to be our hostesses, and this month we're all invited to Joanna's place, Needle, Thread, Happiness.

We all have a separate page on our blogs called something really original like Christmas Quiltalong and Challenge which explains more about everything, and that is also where you need to go to either join the Linky party or just to see who has joined and go visit them. (Just look at the top of our blogs, below the header to find the pages, and click on the tab you want.)  In fact I've just been over to Joanna's and see that she has decorated the place specially for us so it looks very festive, and I also see that Hazel has beaten me to it, so I'm not going to be the first to arrive!

Now, I devised this challenge so wouldn't you think I'd have some ideas of what I'm going to do?  Nope, not a bit of it, so I'm going to take some books and a stripey coffee out and sit on the deck in the beautiful sunshine, and start planning.

I'll be back in a while.


  1. Jolly Jo here:) too funny. We don't have deck weather today, just lots of rain so it's a good day to be with my sewing machine. Love your header. Looks great.

  2. And I'm thinking (can't you smell the burning). Really stuck at the moment, but I'll be there.

  3. It looks like an England day here...dark skies and plenty of rain. I'll be stitching!

  4. I'm with you on the "sitting on the deck" especially as I have just discovered my laptop gets an internet connection in the garden! (Am I the last person in the world to realise that Wi-Fi doesn't stop at the back door?)

  5. We haven't even had a spring season yet here and soon the first day of summer will be upon us - AND nothing but rain rain rain!! I am ready to play.

  6. Posted by me, on behalf of J.

    "No red or green??
    Bah humbug!!
    Bless Sue's little cotton socks.

    Seriously, a great challenge and I'm looking forward to participating."

  7. I'm just a watching this weekend, and having fun seeing what you are all up to. Hope you enjoyed your coffee! Enjoy the day!

  8. I can't decide, so may have to make two projects. I'll be back later this evening and then again tomorrow.

  9. I have joined in the fun , don't have a lot of Christmas fabrics that are not green or red but I will go shopping when necessary , for now I have one block made .

  10. This does look like a lot of fun and last year I so enjoyed your Christmas makings...


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