Tuesday, 20 August 2013


...... I wanted to make a quilt that would be suitable for a guy, so I chose my fabrics carefully, made the top, got Big Bertha out to work her magic on it and quilted about half of it.  All the time I was quilting, I knew I did not like it, there was something wrong.  So I stopped for the day (this was on Sunday) and walked away.  I went back later and had a look at what I had done and that's when I realised the problem.  Here is a photo taken from the back
Now what on earth made me choose a pattern for the blocks that is distinctly floral-looking?

So I spent yesterday and this morning in the company of Mr Seam-ripper and a good audio book, un-sewing everything.  Now I'm off to start again, this time I am doing an all-over pattern that is a favourite of mine, called Double Bubble Trouble.  I have used it before several times and I am quite sure I will be much happier with it this time.  I'll be back in a couple of days with a photo.


  1. OH my...I was looking for skipped stitches and completely forgot about the quilting design! I could see how you would do the same...sorry about the ripping. Good luck!

  2. I learnt the HARD way many moons ago: if you're quilting something on a longarm and you don't think it is right, STOP. Because keeping going doesn't mean you will like it any more, it just means you have waaaay more unpicking to do!

    I tend to use something like 'Groundcover' on non-feminine quilts, it's an old one but interlocks really nicely. Assume someone has digitized it by now.

  3. Oh boy - what a HEAP of un-doing to do!! Don't envy you that one!

    I think that your idea of an all-over quilting is much more neutral - and less 'girly'!

  4. I hate unpicking, but the Bubble patterns sounds much "blokier". Is there such a word. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. Off to your old state this weekend, South Australia.

  5. Picking out is my least favorite part of quilting. At least you had a book to listen to, and now you'll be happy with the quilting.

  6. At least you have a good audio book right? I don't envy you one bit.

  7. Oh sigh!!! Have fun ripping, but it doesn't look all that floral to me.


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