Thursday, 1 August 2013

Country Charmer ...

... check-in day.

Yes, it's the first day of the month, so it's time to check in with all the other Country Charmers around the world.  We're all making this great quilt, designed by Lovely Lynn, as a quiltalong which is being hosted by our Leader Lesley. This quiltalong is a bit different from most, as we are really all working at our own pace each month, doing as much or as little as we want and then on the first of each month, we show our progress, and link up at Lesley's place.

If you read my blog regularly, you will know that I am now the proud owner of a design wall (of sorts). and it has proved invaluable this month while I have been sewing the blocks and sashing together.  this is where I finished up my last report, all the blocks, sashings and corner posts laid out on the "wall"
 so the next step was to sew everything together.  Easy-peasy yes?


I sewed sashing to rows, I sewed rows to sashing, then I was going to sew the top half to the bottom and this is what I had.


How did that happen?  I thought the "wall" was supposed to stop things like that happening?  Oh well, I got out my trusty friend the very blunt (I really must treat myself to a new one) stitch-ripper, and soon put it right.

So now everything is looking great again and I need to decide on borders.  I am thinking I may go "off-piste" with the borders, if I have the courage.  I may not have time to work on this wonderful quilt at all during August though, as I have two quilts to make to use for the class I am teaching in September while I am staying with Lovely Lynn, but I will try.

So, to see some lovely eye candy, just go to the bottom of Lesley's post here and click on each of the links.


  1. Really like this ! It's been great watching it grow into a beauty -can't wait to see the borders !

  2. Looks wonderful Sue! I will be posting up tomorrow - not much progress for me.

  3. Very pretty. Everyone has put their own touch to the design. It's a treasure.

  4. Oh my, I do love your quilt! So sorry for the setback, but I guess that is why seam rippers were invented! Your top looks wonderful and I'm sure whatever borders you add will only make your quilt even more beautiful! Thanks for linking up!

  5. Your quilt looks so great.

  6. It is really looking lovely and I applaud all who have done the whole quilt. Can't wait to see those borders. Your blunder was nothing compared to some of mine.

  7. All is well that ends well! Your Country Charmer looks fantastic!

  8. It is beautiful! Funny.....we all make those silly mistakes and sew the wrong ends together. Love those seam rippers.

  9. Stunning!! You must be over the moon with this beauty!!

  10. Oh I've been there many many times.
    What a beautiful quilt!
    I love that red sashing with the white - pretty


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