Saturday, 20 March 2010

Have a Happy .........

...... International Quilting Day.  I hope everyone manages to get some time with their fabrics and threads today.

International Quilting Day isn't celebrated much here in the UK, but I think it's quite big in the US and I'd love to hear what other people are doing to mark the day.


  1. Happy International Quilting Day to you Sue. You know what I'm doing on this day? I am having a holiday in NZ!!! Hugs Nat

  2. Well I wont' be gardening, it's persisting down!

    Hope you are feeling better?

  3. It's persisting down here too! so I guess it's a grat day for some quilting (after some study, if you call it that LOL) Happy International Quilting Day Sue!

  4. Here I didn't know at all! What's that? I hear my sewing machine calling me!

    We're not any better, just more mucus, how about you?

  5. It's been a great sewing day here too, so this morning I parked on the sofa and read a book LOL! BUT, I have done some sewing this afternoon in honour of the occasion :o).


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