Saturday, 3 March 2012

Lone Star day - post 2

 I have been working on the quilt a bit since the last Lone Star day, as you can see.  They're not joined together, but I just wanted to see what they looked like all laid out together.  I have done another diamond section since I took the photo, so I just have 3 left to do.  Then will come the dreaded Y-seams.

Actually, in an effort to avoid having to do these, I had been thinking that it should be possible to add triangles of the background fabric to the diamond sections, and then all I'd have to sew would be straight seams.  I was really pleased with myself, and thought I was so clever, until I told my friend Quilthaze, who then told me that the version she's doing adds the background that way. Oh well, at least that meant that my big head could go back to its normal size!

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  1. Just shows how creative and smart you are when your idea is a good doesn't always have to be the first idea!
    Cheers, you brave woman!

  2. It just shows what a good idea it was though! It's looking lovely Sue ...

  3. I love how it's coming along.

    Why do we always come up with the idea too late?

  4. I must say it is looking wonderful!

  5. Oh Sue, this is going to be so beautiful! I wish I could join your group and make one too. Now I now who to turn to for help!

  6. You are making great progress, can't wait to see the finished Lone Star.

  7. Looking so good!!! I LOVE your color selections!!!


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