Wednesday, 11 April 2012

It's time for a ...

... parteee!
Yippee, This Saturday is time for the next Christmas Quiltalong.  This month our wonderful hostess is Lesley and she will be waiting over at the Cuddle Quilter, for us all.  When you get there, do tell her how wonderful she looks, cos she told me she's buying a new dress just for the occasion.  I've also heard a rumour that she might have a giveaway, so one of us could go home with a little pressie.  I know she will also have the next installment of our mystery quilt, Festive Mystery, waiting for us.


  1. I have my tote pulled and ready. Need to find an ' extra' to work on. I look forward to spending the day with Lesley and the girls.

  2. Chuckle...rumors are often true, so hope to see you and all your friends at my blog on Saturday! I'm a first-time hostess and can't wait to share my Christmas enthusiasm with everyone. I'm particulately happy to be sharing the instructions for Part 3. See you on Saturday and thanks for all your help!

  3. Whoa - CQAL time already!

    I'm up for the pyjama party on Saturday - whoop whoop!

  4. Yayyy, I'm up for a little Party too!

  5. Sue, hope you have a lovely day and accomplish much. When you've finished, please come and dust my sewing machine :{

    Tree and hedge planting on the agenda here.


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