Friday, 6 April 2012

Tomorrow is ...

... Lone Star day.  Jayne is our hostess this month, and I have to tell you, she is far more efficient than I am.  She did a reminder post for everyone several days ago, and here am I, Last-Minute-Sue, only just getting round to it.

Actually, I think it's a psychological thing, cos now I have got to admit that I have not worked on my Lone Star since last month.  Yes, I know, that's a terrible thing to have to admit, but I do have a good reason/excuse/whatever.  My new quilting robot arrived this month, so I had to stop everything else and start playing didn't I? If I hadn't done that, Mr Fixit would have been wandering around with a face like thunder, and muttering things like "what a waste of money" and "why did she buy that if she wasn't going to use it?" and so on.  You all know what they're like.

So, no progress this month, but I'll be up nice and bright and early tomorrow to make progress on joining my diamonds together.  See you all at Jayne's.


  1. What is a quilting robot....

  2. I have the same question, what is it??

  3. Just to say hope you have a lovely day today, and I look forward to popping back later to see what everyone has achieved :}

  4. What you have done to this point is so pretty, you mustn't leave it! When things slow down, I'm sure you will get back to it!


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