Saturday, 5 May 2012

Lone Star QAL - post 3

Well it's now almost 8pm for me. I've had dinner, and am now round at the Nomads' house babysitting Chatterbox and The Professor. Mind you, The Prof is a bit grumpy - he reckons that at almost 14 he doesn't need a baby sitter.

Anyway, I am really looking forward to getting on with my Lone Star quilt, now I know where I'm going with it. Perhaps I should have brought it all with me? Instead I have brought a quilt with me to sew down the binding, so I'll get on with that soon.

Ms Sand and Sunshine has decided to sew some of her quilt centre together today. It's going to look fabulous I think. I had to laugh when she said that she has something complicated planned for her borders. Whaat? Does she not think the star is complicated? Or the paper pieced Radiant Glow blocks she has made for her setting squares?

My co-host, Jayne, has turned up at last.  She's trying to say that she was busy helping out on a charity run this morning.  Hmm, what are you trying to do Jayne, put me on a guilt trip?  Now that she is all present and correct, she has some more gorgeous Lone Star quilt pictures for us to look at, so I think we'll excuse her lateness.

Don't forget, if you are working along with us, the Linky to sign in is on Post 1, here.


  1. You're not the babysitter, your Grandma. Hands down better 1000x than a babysitter.

  2. You are a riot, Sue! That 114-year-old surely knows that, right? (I do know the attitude of that age, though; I feel for you!!)

    We will make it through this year yet! I am envisioning how mine will look when finished. I know that this year it WILL become a finish, too!!

  3. Hmm, did I really type 114-year-old?? lol!

  4. Hooray for grandma's!
    Love seeing the "stars". :)

  5. I have finally posted about my progress, such as it is. What a wonderful evening for you! You're not babysitting the Prof. He just happens to be around while you're babysitting Chatterbox.

  6. Not quilting along with you, but will be checking on your progess! Love the final layout!


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