Saturday, 5 May 2012

Lone Star Quiltalong Day - post 1

Regular readers might think this photo looks familiar.
This is where I got to last month, and, I'm ashamed to say, this is where I am today.  In other words, I have done nothing to it in the last month.  That's because I am still trying to decide what to do with the setting squares and triangles.  I have allowed sanity to rule, and have discarded my not-very-bright idea of doing some applique on them.  I did think of adding rays like Ms Sand and Sunshine is, and you can see how stunning hers are here.  Then I thought of changing the design a bit and making it into a Broken Star quilt as Jayne is doing, here.  I even, briefly, thought of doing it as the pattern in the book shows,
Then I thought of adding some arcs, like this

I just don't know!!! All comments/suggestions will be gratefully received and considered.

Meanwhile, here is the Linky if you are joining us today:

Edited to add that Jayne has been showing pictures of some lovely Lone Star quilts on her blog, here, over the last couple of days, and has promised us some more today.


  1. The big question is what/who is this quilt for. Then you can elect to go and choose from there.

    My two cents is that I think the stars in the background blocks is likely the most "you". But I could be wrong, and if it isn't for you, haha then my two cents must have gum on them. hehe.

  2. Hi Sue! I finally just posted for today! You are probably ready for bed!! So sorry to be so late!

    As I said in my post, I am quite unreliable!

    In my plain setting blocks, I am going to have lots of intricate quilting placed there. I want feathery wreaths and other fussy stuff. I have been envisioning that ever since getting my Bursting Star out of the storage bin way back in October or November, when we first began this madness!


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