Thursday, 31 May 2012

Saturday ...

... is Lone Star day.  Yippee.  It does make me realise how fast time flies though.  It seems only about a month ago that I had this mad idea about making a Lone Star quilt, then a few other people decided they would join me in this mad venture, so Lo and Behold, we have a Lone Star Quiltalong/Support Group.  My friend Jayne, over here, and I take turns to host this event every month, and this month it is Jayne's turn.  It's not too late to join us, we're all working at our own pace, with Jayne and Liz almost finished, while I am taking up the rear.  It's a great day to join us, I hear that Liz is also having a tea party!

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  1. Me almost done? HAHAHAHA! You really are the Mad Hatter aren't you?

    But I do have a big pretty to show. ;-) See you tomorrow, and grab your hat. Dormouse indeed.


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