Saturday, 14 July 2012

Christmas QAL - post 1

Good morning and Happy Christmas everyone.  Our hostess, Lynn  won't be up for hours and hours and hours yet, but Hazel and I can't wait, so we're starting now.  After all, it's 11a.m.  for us right now.  I know that I owe replies to loads of you for comments over the last couple of days, and I will answer you all sometime today, but right now I want to go sew.

What am I going to sew? 

Well first off I will sew all the blocks together for the Festive Mystery quilt.  Yes, I know I should have done that already, but I blame the shingles for taking away my quilting mojo for a few weeks.

When I've caught up on that I plan to make my blocks for the Think Christmas blog hop that Lesley, our very own Cuddle Quilter is hostessing.  (My day for that is 1 August, by the way.)  You can read more about the hop on Lesley's blog, here.  I won't be able to show you the blocks, but may give a sneak peek.
By then I reckon it'll be dinner time for us and then I shall settle down in front of the TV with Mr Fixit and do some work on a gift for someone.


  1. I am up and ready - have partially put together my top. I plan on working on my Mrs. Clause doll quilts today too.

  2. I'm up, too, but haven't begun to sew yet. I can't decide on a layout for my Festive Mystery so I'm hoping to be inspired by everyone else.

  3. Have a lovely day, m'dear. You will be doing considerably more than me :}

    There's a bug going around here and I feel like I've been hit by a brick wall, as do many friends. Of course, I could just be tired because I have done too much (no, surely not?) so it will be a quiet day messing on the PC and lazing in front of the TV.


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