Saturday, 7 July 2012

Lone Star - post 5

So what did I learn today?

1. take it slowly.  Normally my style is pedal to the metal, so this is quite a revolutionary thought for me.

2. cut the squares and triangles about one inch larger - it's easier to trim down than make a mistake and have to start again.

3. draw a line a quarter of an inch from the two sides I'm going to sew, then I have the intersection clearly marked.

4.  pin through the intersection point to the intersection on the star itself.  (If you remember, I sewed to within a quarter inch of the point when I was joining the diamonds together, and that is the place where I start and stop sewing.)  This is not easy to describe, but hopefully the photo below will help:
5. start sewing away from that point towards the edge, then turn the whole thing so I'm sewing towards that centre point again.  Stop exactly on the marked intersection point, turn everything again and sew to the outside edge.


  1. ambitious!! Looks great...

  2. Lovely colours and a lovely quilt. Well done, with you suffering with shingles, I hope it's getting better

  3. That is one thing i like about my machine i can set speed so it don't matter if i push too hard on pedal it won't go any faster lol
    I am learning that speed can be needed or not needed depending on what you do so your tip is a great reminder
    Hugs Janice

  4. It's gorgeous, Sue! That Kathy Schmitz fabric is one of my favorite lines!

  5. You and I are just too much alike...but at least you are sticking with yours. I'll start over eventually.


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