Saturday, 14 July 2012

Christmas QAL - post 3

Hurrah!  I've finished my top.

Mind you, I really do need to learn to read the instructions more carefully.  Make 60 quarter square triangles, they say, so how come I made 63?  Sew them into 20 groups of 3 they say, so why did I sew 21?
Cut 72 squares of background, so how many did I cut?  63!!
Still, I am happy with the top, and am looking forward to quilting it.

All this has taken me far longer than I thought it would, so working on my Think Christmas blog hop blocks is not going to happen today although I might get the binding made in a short while, but then again, I might not. .  I am tired, and have stopped for a coffee.  By the time I've finished that and looked to see what everyone else is up to it will be time to prepare dinner.  


  1. I made extra - not that I can't count, but just incase of an 'oops'. But they will certainly get used into something.

  2. Great Picture. Now to get my layout done and start sewing.

  3. I do that too lol! It looks great; I love the color choices.


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