Saturday, 6 October 2012

Lone Star day - post 2

OK, I promised you a progress report didn't I?
I have added an inner border to the top and bottom of the star, cos I want a rectangular quilt, not a square.  Next I will add a red border all the way round, but I haven't done that yet, as I allowed myself to get diverted.  Sorry about the wrinkled photo, but this top is getting quite big and I'm running out of floor space to smooth it all out.

After the red border, I am going to add a pieced one, made up of friendship star blocks.  I worked out that I'll need 56 blocks.  Do you realise how many half square triangles that means?  I'll tell you.  It means I need 224 of them.  So, I had already cut them out.  This time I used my Go cutter to do that job for me, and then I started sewing them together, and that's what diverted me.  This morning I finished sewing them together and now I am off to cut the remaining squares I need for the blocks and the red border, then, if I have time, I will start sewing the blocks together.  This is what EQ7 reckons my top will look like when it's finished.


  1. Looking Good !!

    luv...Ann J

  2. Running out of floor space! Oh I hear that, though I left that stage behind a while ago. 224 bits, that alone would divert me without starting to work on them!

  3. What an energetic girl you are! I admire your over-achieving ways! The red border with those white friendship stars looks great! You will be so pleased with your finish, won't you?


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