Thursday, 25 October 2012

Tomorrow is Friday and ...

...  I'm excited.


Well because tomorrow my friends Bilbo and Mrs Flummery will be travelling by boats and planes and ships and trains (remember that song?) - well OK, by car and train - to my house for a long planned get-together.  Unfortunately, Sewali is not well so she will not be with us this year.  Because we live quite a distance from each other, this sort of event needs some organising ahead of time, so we set a date months ago, and I know roughly what time they'll get here, so I can have the coffee on.  There will be lots of eating, lots of talking and maybe even some hand sewing, but that's about as far as the plans go.

So that's why I'm excited, and that's why I can't help singing ....


  1. Have a wonderful visit! I really enjoyed your song!

  2. I will be there in spirit, if not body :o)

  3. I'm sorry, that damn music will forever be synonymous with an advert for sanitary protection!

    Are we still young enough to be 'girls' .... sure it's not Three Witches? This is all SewAli's fault, when there are four of us present we don't get into trouble with literary connotations!

    Now, because I feel like rambling on and you can't stop me unless you hit the delete button: "Them Three" were originally were known as "weyard," later corrupted to "weird", or "weird sisters". Later 'borrowed' by Mr Pratchett as Wyrd Sisters which will suit Mrs Flummery no end, her being much knowledgeable about Disc World and all that. So all that remains is the question, which one of us is Granny Weatherwax, who is Nanny Ogg and what are we going to do about Magrat Garlick?

  4. Have a wonderful time with your friends!

  5. Oh what fun! I can almost hear the giggling from here.

  6. Sounds like great fun!! Have a super great time!

    Have a super great sewing, stitching, and visiting weekend!!


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