Friday, 7 December 2012

It's Christmaaaaasss .....

Well, almost.  Tomorrow is the last Christmas Quiltalong,

I've chosen my dress,

I've been busy in the kitchen,

the tree's up,

the games, and the prizes, are planned,

So I'm ready.  I hope to see you all here tomorrow for the Christmas Quiltalong party..


  1. We get to dress up! Oh boy, Sue, I love a Christmas Party.

  2. We have Open House this weekend for the shop - it's a home base shop, so I can peek in to the pary from time to time. Will be sure to have a post up.

  3. I will pop in on Sunday morning as Saturday will have been and gone here in Oz. It will be a lazy day as the temperature is supposed to reach about 35deg. I hope to be able to link up this time. See you all then. OzSue.

  4. Well, let's see. My tree is also up, but that's as far as my preparations match yours. I will be working on Christmas presents tomorrow though. See you then!

  5. Santas are out of storage and looking forward to the party!


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