Saturday, 8 December 2012

More finishes for the Christmas Parade.

I have (almost) finished several other things during this year.

First of course, is my version of the Festive Mystery.  The colours aren't very festive, I know, but I already have one in red and gold, which I made some years ago when I first designed this quilt.  In a great departure from my usual choices, I decided to quilt this in an all-over stipple, which I have never done before.  I used a turquoise colour thread to match the fabric, and think it came out quite well.  I have to admit though that it's not finished, as I still have to sew down the binding!

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  1. Some lovely finishes! I didn't realize how large your wonky tree quilt was 'till I saw it on your couch....they are all "wow" quilts! Yay you!


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