Monday, 10 December 2012

I've discovered ...

... how to become invisible!  Shall I share the secret?  All you have to do is stand in the foyer of your local supermarket with a charity collection tin.  Most people can't see you!  I spent 2 hours on Friday and 2 hours yesterday doing just that and was amazed at how many people couldn't see me.

Actually, yesterday was one of those days when I shouldn't even have got out of bed.  It started when I got up and realised I had given Mrs Nomad my last capsule of hot chocolate so there wasn't one for me to have for my breakfast. Then Mr Fixit couldn't get any more when he went to our local supermarket, so not more hot chocolate for me for a few days.

Then I went off to do my charity bit.  When I got there, no-one had notified the front desk I was coming, so there was a delay while they checked that the hospice had been given permission for someone to be there. When they decided I was official, I went off to the foyer.  I knew where I wanted to stand, but when I got there, there was a woman already there with a stand set up and she was giving out leaflets for double glazing, new kitchens, conservatories, etc., so I parked myself opposite her.  This woman (who I called Snotty Lady) promptly told me I couldn't stand there as "they" didn't allow someone to stand opposite someone else like that.  (Wonder why I didn't ask who "they" were?).  So I moved - a bit.  Now in the UK if you have a collecting tin you are not allowed to rattle it to try and attract people's attention, but Snotty Lady was accosting everyone as they came in and out and asking them if they wanted a leaflet.  Of course, because she was talking directly to them, they answered her, and then scurried on without making any eye contact or anything.  I would be surprised if I collected more than £5 in 2 hours.  I was cold, and fed up when I got home.

In the afternoon I had some cards and packages to send overseas, so I was doing the postage online, but the site was running so slowly that it all took so long I actually said to Mr Fixit that I thought it might even have been quicker to go and stand in a queue at the post-office, although queues can take 20 minutes there at the best of times, and at Christmas it's just downright silly.

Then I went to see my father.  We were busy chatting, and it got to about 7.15pm so it was time for me to leave cos the results show from Saturday's Strictly Come dancing, would be starting at 7.20.  That's when my father checked for me and told me it had started at 7 pm!  Whaaat?  It always starts at 7.20.  I got home in time to see the final dance-off.

See what I mean?  I should have just stayed in bed all day.

Anyway, don't forget there is still time to vote in the Christmas Parade, here, by clicking on the *Like* underneath the photo.  Then you can enter the Hostess Trivia quiz here and the Mysterious Festive Mysteries  quiz here.  There are prizes too for the quiz entries, and the Christmas Parade entry with the most votes.


  1. Oh Sue I could certainly hear your frustration of the day. Hugs friend.

  2. Boy you were having a bad day! I've stood with a collecting tin many times for Mencap it's a thankless task, but every little helps. Hugs xx

  3. Well, you tried your best, and that is all that counts! Good for you for getting involved in a good cause. Hope tomorrow is a better day!

  4. I hate Snotty Ladies! I hope she didn't sell anything.

  5. I hope today is better! And that you're visible!

    Businesses can pass out leaflets at the grocery store in the UK? Generally here in the US, only some type of charity or service organization is allowed.

  6. What an awful day! I find I ignore those with cans, and collection buckets much less now than I did before the trouble with the economy. I figure if we're at x level of need, others are worse and certainly can use my spare change.


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