Saturday, 23 March 2013

Bloglovin? Feedly?

... which should I choose?
bloglovin          feedly
As you probably know by now, Google Reader is disappearing in  a few months, so I decided I'd better try and get to grips with another reader before it goes completely.  Question was, which reader?  It seemed to me I had two choices, either Bloglovin or Feedly. 

I am the type of person who learns more from using something rather than just reading about it (and yes, I am also the person for whom the phrase "if all else fails, read the instructions" was invented) so I am currently conducting a test.  I am running both systems in parallel for a few weeks to see which I prefer.

So far there does not seem to be much to choose between them, but there are a couple of niggles I have with Bloglovin.  Firstly, from what I can see, any posts which I have not read after a couple of weeks will disappear from my reading list.  This is not really a problem, but it might be if I found myself in the middle of the Sahara with no electricity or internet access for a month - not at all likely, where would I be able to plug in my hair straighteners and sewing machine - then I might miss something really important that one of you have written.  The other thing I'm not happy with is that they tell me I must "claim my blog" (I'm not sure why, but I did what I was told, and lo and behold, there is this little button thingy that appears, that looks a bit like this:
Follow my blog with Bloglovin
and that annoys me, cos you may not want to use Bloglovin but may not realise that you can still follow in other ways.

Any way, I will carry on using both, and will report back in a couple of weeeks.


  1. I'm in the same position as you but have rejected Bloglovin', partly because of the 'drop posts after 2 weeks thing' partly because it just irritates the hell out of me :}

    The claim your blog thing makes sense so that no-one else can set themselves up on the site and pretend to be you - not sure why they would but there's a lot of strange things happen online. I think you can now delete the previous post - it's done its job by sending data back to the Bloglovin server.

    With a small amount of tweaking I've got Feedly to behave very similarly to G/Reader and am going to stick with it for a while.

  2. Thanks for testing Sue. I don't like that Bloglovin' only lets you see part of a post and you have to open the thing to read the rest. And if you open one and then open another it doesn't go into a new tab, it replaces the tab that is already open. I love going through Google and clicking open any posts I want to comment on and then going back later and writing my comments. I haven't tried Feedly yet because I haven't been on the computer much with my concussion...

  3. One thing that threw a caution my way was bloglovin terms of service, they seem to come out of Sweden so they are subject to Swedish laws. It also states -
    The User here by approves that the personal information he/she leaves by using bloglovin´ can be used for directed marketing to the User through present and future digital distribution channels, and to take out statistics on bloglovin´s users.

    I have not investigated whether that is true of any of the other readers, but I am not on social networks, mostly because I think they take too much personal information for their own use already.

    Terms of service -

  4. Oh... now you have completely thrown me. I just started using Bloglovin and liked it better than Feedly! I have them both at the moment trying to make a decision! it's a pain Google Reader is going. Hugs xx

  5. I look forward to your reports. I don't know anything about either of them so your research is important. (;-)

  6. 'm not sure what you are talking about as I've only just started to blog. I think I may need help!!!

  7. I didn't try Feedly. Chose Bloglovin'. My main blogs that I read are on the sidebar of my blog. Then when I want, I just click on Bloglovin' and get the latest blog posts of those I am following. You can still click on the list on the left side of Bloglovin' on any blog you want and get past posts. I will be interested to see how you like Feedly.

  8. But I'm reading your blog on Bloglovin, and say if you haven't read in maybe a week, and there are maybe 15 posts from a blog listed, all you have to do is click on the name of the blog, and all posts will still be listed on the blog. Nothing is deleted permanently. Bloglovin is easy to read. I have been using it, and it seems quite simple to use. I haven't used Feedly, so I can't tell you about that one.

  9. I did the bloglovin didn't know about Feedly...goodness it's always something to learn or figure out, will be interested in your results.

  10. I've started transferring to Bloglovin.
    Seems good so far. I had trouble setting up Feedly for some reason.


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