Thursday, 14 March 2013

Once upon a time ...

... a long, long time ago, (1943 to be exact) a young sailor in the Merchant Navy, sailed across battle-torn seas, and eventually arrived in Halifax, Novia Scotia.  While he was there, he visited a cafe where he had the most wonderful pie he had ever eaten.

It was called Butterscotch Pie.  He has never forgotten the taste of it but has never seen it or eaten it since.  Now, he wants to eat it again and he has asked his daughter to make him one.

His daughter has never heard of this pie, so she hunted on Google and found a number of recipes, some with meringue on top, some without, but they all seem to be different.  So his daughter, (yes, that'll be me then) who is not a good cook, thought she'd better ask for help.  Please can anyone tell me where I can find the proper recipe for this pie?


  1. I am at a loss for a recipe...but pie sounds wonderful...even for breakfast!

  2. What am I saying?!?!?! Especially for breakfast! I'll take a nice warm slice of Peach please!

  3. My stepfather also talks of a butterscotch pie his mom used to make and years ago I tried to find one similar with no luck. When you find one please share!

  4. I'm pretty sure this is not it, but my mom used to make a butterscotch pie with jello pudding--butterscotch flavor. Would be an easy one for you to try out on him... Butterscotch pie does sound good!

    1. This is just what I was going to suggest, get the package you have to 'cook' and not the instant.

  5. From our church cookbook - 1982: 1 c firmly packed brown sugar, 5 TB four, 1 1/2 c milk, 2 egg yolks. Combine in top of double boiler - cook until thick. Remove from heat and add 2 TB butter. Beat well until very smooth. Pour into baked pie shell. Top with meringue (use the 2 egg whites). Bake 325 for 20 min. Cool before cutting. Hope this works.

  6. Here are two links for butterscotch pie that I found from Nova Scotia. The first one is one I have used and it is very rich and is topped with a thick merangue. One of my favourite places to visit and a great place for foodies. Hope your father enjoys your efforts.

  7. Oh my, I even live in Nova Scotia and have never had butterscotch pie...but I see you have already received a recipe above so I'm sure that will be yummy. Good luck!

  8. The links from Colleen sound great; if they don't taste right to Dad, give me a call ... I have an idea :}

  9. This is from my Grandmother's recipe book,given credit to M. Agar
    Hope it helps.
    Butterscotch Pie
    Part 1
    1 cup brown sugar, 1 teaspoon butter, water to moisten, boil until it hairs.
    Part 2
    1 large cup sweet milk, 2 egg yolks, 1 teaspoon flour, beat ingredients of part 2 together, add to the first part and cook until smooth, when cool place in baked pie shell, add frosting (?) and brown.

    Good Luck

  10. I have a recipe that I've used for years.
    1 tblsp. custard powder
    1 cup Carnation (evaporated) milk
    1/2 cup brown sugar, 1 tlbsp. honey, 1tsp. vanilla ess.,1 tsp vinegar. Baked pie case.
    Blend custard pdr and small amount milk, add rest of milk and other ingredients. Bring to boil over med. heat, stirring constantly. Pour into case and chill. Serve with whipped cream.

  11. Mmmm sounds scrummy but I've got no idea!!
    Ab x

  12. Was it a pie that was prepared and not baked? Or was it a pie that was baked?

  13. It sounds like Dad can have a wonderful time just taste testing :)

  14. What an adventure! You'll have to try ALL the recipes to see which one hits the mark. Can't wait to hear the report.

  15. What an adventure! You'll have to try ALL the recipes to see which one hits the mark. Can't wait to hear the report.

  16. Ohhhh...looks like you've gotten all sorts of suggestions for the pie, Sue! How sweet of you to make it for your dad - he will surely love your efforts!

  17. Well, in my part of the Maritimes, EVERY restaurant worth it's beans has butterscotch pie. It always has meringue or whipped cream topping. My husband's mother made it and her mother, etc. It's my hubbie's favorite pie. Sue, I think you will find Susan Smith's recipie from scratch is pretty much spot on. the only difference, and I would recommend this, is that she cooked her filling in a double boiler pot so that the milk wouldn't burn to the bottom of the pan. And use a whisk to make it creamy smooth :) Pour into a prebaked, cooled piecrust shell.


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