Monday, 31 August 2015

They're off ...

... to South Africa tomorrow.

What are?

The charity quilts Scrappy and I have been working on.

First, here are photos of my two quilts complete with bindings now, then there is a group photo of the charity quilts that Scrappy and I have made, all of which are off to South Africa tomorrow.

Bon Voyage.


  1. Nicely done! Someone is going to be tickled pink when they receive one of these.

  2. Well done you two and I know they'll be much appreciated by whoever receive them. Take care.

  3. That is so awesome you two!! They are all beautiful, but right now the one that really beckons to me is the blue/green/white one.

  4. The blue & green quilt would be so easy to stitch. So pretty.

  5. Sweet! Charity quilting is always so fulfilling.

  6. good to know they were on the way and it as so god to see them in the flesh before you sent them


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