Saturday, 8 August 2009

Did you miss me?

Well, I'm back now. I haven't actually been away, just busy with visiting family. Mr and Mrs Teacher and Little Person arrived on Monday afternoon, so we didn't really do much. We made up for it the rest of the week though.

On Tuesday we made some cakes. I had found a recipe online for Cinammon Snickerdoodles (love the name) so we tried them.

Little Person enjoyed the mixing,

but oh dear, look what happened when Mummy and Grandma both turned their backs at the same time. You'd think we'd know better, wouldn't you?

When he saw the finished result he was convinced it was chocolate cake, and couldn't get enough of it. Mind you, we all loved it. They were sort of like a cinammon brownie, and were wonderful.

On Tuesday we went to a place nearby called York Maze. which is a great place to take 3 energetic boys. There is a large maze planted from, would you believe, maize, and I think they do a different design every year. It had been raining (yes, again) overnight, so it was very muddy. We took the other 2 grandsons with us, and all enjoyed ourselves. We were all rather muddy when we got home though!

This is a picture of the boys at lunch time.

Blogger is obviously getting bored with me and my pictures now though, so I will leave the next part until tomorrow, when you can see us at Diggerland.


  1. Two things missing from this post:

    1. photo of finished Snickerdooddle
    2. Recipe!

    Other than that, great to see you've been having such a lovely time. {hug}

  2. oops, I'll ttry and correct both omissions tomorrow!

  3. Now that I am thinking about it .... yes ,I did miss you Sue!!!HAHA!!!
    Those boys look so cute sitting there eating lunch .
    Yes,a recipe would be nice too LOL!!

  4. I missed you too! The Snickerdoodles sound great and as my other half doesn't like cinnamon I could eat them all myself!

  5. I LOVE cinnamon, I'm going to add my voice to the cries for the recipe! I made strawberry pie today, truly scrumptious! Your boys are very cute, is anyone going to produce a granddaughter do you think? You need a little pink to relieve all the blue :o)

  6. of course we missed you! Yep, pics & definately recipe! Great shots, can't wait to see diggerland!

  7. I've been very busy this week but even so, I did miss you!

    Looks as though you had lots of fun with your little boys and didn't miss out on the cooking session even though there isn't a girl in sight - yet vbg!

    Definitly need the recipe for that strange sounding dish with cinnamon! As Quilthaze says - I could eat them all by myself - 007 doesn't like cinnamon either!

  8. Glad to hear you all missed me!

    Snickerdoodle recipe will be posted later today, the original was all in US measures, so I need to convert everything! Those of you who get to eat without sharing are very lucky. In this house we both love cinnamon, and I think Mr Nomad would be able to smell it out at 2 miles!

    As for granddaughters, I don't think that'll happen. My father has 9 greatgrands, and only one is a girl!

  9. A maze + boys + mud = great fun


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