Wednesday, 26 August 2009

So, just how stupid can I get?

The answer seems to be:
very stupid indeed.

This morning I made a special trip out in the wild, wet, windy, wintry weather we are "enjoying" here in the UK this August, to buy a copy of the magazine where my pattern has been published. I came home clutching said magazine, made myself a cup of coffee, sat down with the magazine and the coffee, and realised.....
I had bought the wrong one.

Not bad really, since there are only 2 P&Q magazines published here!


  1. Oh, no! Will you be going back out into the wild weather to find the right magazine? Congratulations on having your pattern published!

  2. Oh Sue, Bless you! You're so cute. When will you go back out?

  3. NOw that is funny! I'm shocked you didn't try to get a sneak peek at it. It's like a present, you got to shake it, peel back a corner of the wrapper, hold it up to the light to see through the wrapper, unwrap it very carefully so the tape marks will match-up to the wrapping paper when you re-wrap it so that know one will know that you peeked. You GOT to peek....promise me that from now on you will peek before buying! ha ha.. AND please take a picture of the mag's cover and post it so that we don't buy the wrong magazine. I want to buy it so that I can take it to my quilting groups and say "Yes, Sue is a personal friend of mine!!" :o)

  4. What a bummer Sue, you obviously don't subscribe to their email newsletter where you would have seen a picture of the front of the mag and realised that your quilt is right there (not the main cover, but there is a 3"-ish shot of it). For those who want to buy the right magazine ;-), here's a link to the PP website page

  5. When I saw you were having the wild, wet & windy weather, I thought you must have made a whirlwind visit to Aust cos we have been having that exact type of weather lately and we are coming to the end of winter. Sad about the wrong mag, did you go out and get the right one?.

    BTW, thanks for giving me another way of looking at shopaholic - I am now a conservator of fabrics. I do like the way you think

  6. I think my problem was that Tesco only had one P&Q mag on the shelf, so I didn't really look at it, just did a grab and run!

    Paulette, I'm a goody-goody - I never peek at pressies cos I like surprises too much.

    Ellice I'm glad I've cured you of your shopaholic tendencies!

  7. OH SUE!!! I can just see you doing that!!!
    I am still laughing !!!!

  8. A funny story you have told on yourself!

  9. well Sue,
    I hope the magazine you bought had some great patterns in it and that you have no problem finding the one with your pattern in it.
    Which magazine is it that you are a published author? I might be able to find it one of our bookstores that carrys a wide variety of magazines?
    Great story- I hope you didn't get too wet..

  10. Well, I hope it has some inspirational pictures. If not maybe you could donate it to a quilt guild?

  11. You do know that I'm going to go and have a look for the magazine this weekend?

    And that is even though I have made my mind up not to start quilting this winter (or at least until I have a cross stitch & a knitting project out of the way...sigh...)

  12. Hazel, I KNEW you were almost there. Why not start anyway, then you have a choice of things to do during those long cold winter evenings.

  13. My mind is made up (just about!!) - I will finish the cross stitch at least!

    I hope that you will keep posting pic of your quilts to inspire me, tho'?

    And with you to the NE, Bilbo to the NW and SewAli to the SW - you don't think that I can escape that far...?! {gg}


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