Saturday, 22 August 2009

Well, guess who won?

.....and it wasn't the dealer!

When I didn't hear from them by lunch time, I rang to tell them to forget it, but the salesman was with a customer, so I left a message to call me. Then I sat and waited. (sounding familiar?) 2 hours later, he hadn't called, so I left another message. I was pretty cross by then. Oh, OK, that's an understatement, I was VERY cross by then. I rang another branch of the same company and was told they had exactly what I wanted (you remember, a certain spec, that dealer 1 told me the company hadn't got, and if I ordered it, delivery would be December, at the earliest?) So guess where I went this morning? An hour after arriving, I had bought the car I wanted (oh yes, and I even had a choice of colours), for the price I wanted, paid the deposit and was on my way home again. I felt that I had been treated like an adult this time, there was no posturing. The salesman came up with figures, I said no and told him what I wanted, he checked with his manager, and said OK. Simple! So by this time next week, I should have a new car. Whooppee. Guess which garage I'll go to in the future?

See? Told you I would not be beaten!

PS Tomorrow I'll post photos of more quilts, just in case you're thinking I might have forgotten what this blog is supposed to be about.


  1. Love it! Good for you, Sue! You go get them!

  2. Woo hoo, a new car, how exciting! Don't blame you going somewhere else, make sure you let the other bunch know you bought your car somewhere else LOL!

  3. Fantabulous! I love it when I hear it's one in the eye for the bad guy! Looking forward to a pic!

  4. Well done! You stood firm and got what you wanted. The more people stand up for themselves, the better people will be treated by salespeople. I can't wait to see the pictures.

  5. Good for you Sue, You are going to have a new set of wheels to drive that you want at the price you were willing to pay.
    I love your autumn quilt- leaves around the cabins- It is a wonderful pattern and the quilting is exquisite on it. You do fabulous work. Leaf quilts are among my favorite designs.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Great work, have a great weekend. its good to hear when salesmen get beaten

  7. Thanks everyone. I do feel rather pleased with myself I must say!

    Sewali I would normally agree with you about contacting the manager, but in fact he was involved as much as the salesman. In fact, I think the games (they would call it sales tactics) were being dictated by him, so it wouldn't do much good to complain. I am still thinking of writing to him though to tell him how he lost my business. I'll have to see if I can be bothered.


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